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Leah Remini to Church of Scientology: Sue me

Larry King NowDec 16 '16

In response to the Church of Scientology’s assertions that Leah Remini’s new docuseries about the organization is factually inaccurate, the actress and former Scientologist has a powerful response: sue me.

Larry King: We should note that the church calls your reality show a scripted, rehearsed, acted, and dramatized work of fiction. You’re featuring liars who have for a profit been telling differing versions of the same false tales of abuse for years, many reviewed and discredited in courts of law.

Leah Remini: Great.

Larry King: How do you respond?

Leah Remini: I don’t. I think that says a lot about this organization and I don’t really care…

Larry King: But what are they saying? That you have liars…

Leah Remini: Then they should sue us. I mean, it’s as simple as that, if we’re lying. And listen, they say this on every outlet they can, they have said that about every single person who has spoken out, and not one lawsuit has been brought to anybody. And this is not a group that is scared of a lawsuit. They’re a litigious group, and so if that were true, they would simply sue us. And I welcome them to do that.

Larry King: So despite these documentaries and books and the like, people still join?

Leah Remini: I don’t think people still join Larry, I don’t.

Larry King: No?

Leah Remini: But what I’m not going to stand for is an organization with this kind of money to continue to do things like that, and to bully people, and to harass people, to defraud people out of their lives, their money, but more importantly their families. And, I’m just not gonna sit around and watch it happen.

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