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Leah Remini: Tom Cruise thinks I’m the devil

Larry King NowDec 16 '16

Maintaining that Tom Cruise is sincerely dedicated to the Church of Scientology, Leah Remini – a former Scientologist who has spoken out against the church – says that Cruise has been taught by the organization to believe that she and people like her are the devil.

Larry King: How about those famous people? Tom Cruise. I spent a day with Tom Cruise about scientology. I went to their anti-psychology seminar

Leah Remini: And what did you think of that?

Larry King: I thought he was totally into it.

Leah Remini: Yeah, but what did you think of the whole…?

Larry King: I didn’t agree with that, I like psychiatry. I think it helps a lot of people.

Leah Remini: Right.

Larry King: But Tom Cruise believes it.

Leah Remini: Yes.

Larry King: I don’t think he’s out to fool you.

Leah Remini: No, but Tom is very well aware of what is scientology, truthfully. He is very aware that it’s an organization that it’s an organization that is defrauding people out of their lives. But, in his heart I believe he believes it. So…

Larry King: That’s what I mean.

Leah Remini: Yeah, totally.

Larry King: Why are celebrities so connected to it?

Leah Remini: I don’t think celebrities are so connected to it because if you look at the numbers they’re quite small in comparison to the majority of actors in this town.

Larry King: Did you know Tom Cruise when you were there?

Leah Remini: Uh huh. Yes. I did know Tom.

Larry King: He’s very sincere about it.

Leah Remini: Tom is a fully dedicated and loyal scientologist, absolutely

Larry King: So what would he say to you?

Leah Remini: He wouldn’t say anything to me because he thinks I’m the devil. He honestly believes, Tom and most scientologists – well all scientologists are taught to believe that people like me are literally the devil; that we mean them harm.

Larry King: And what do you believe about him?

Leah Remini: I believe that he’s, like me, has been lied to.

Larry King: Is he delusional?

Leah Remini: I mean, I could say that about myself at the time, yes. Yes. I didn’t want to look, I didn’t want to believe that what I was involved in my whole life was a lie, that it was damaging and hurting people. Yeah, you could say that I was delusional.

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