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The future of Tony Hawk's video gaming business

Larry King NowDec 02 '16

Superstar skateboarder Tony Hawk talks the evolution of his massively successful video gaming franchise and opens up to Larry about what he's working on next in the gaming world.

Larry King: How'd you get the idea to do video games?

Tony Hawk: I was asked by a developer about doing a game. And he and I started pitching publishing companies and coming up against a lot of flak. A lot of push back. And luckily, having my name out there in the video game world, when something finally did come up, I was the first one they called. And it was Activision called me and said "We're working on a game, we'd like to see if you want to be involved in it." And when I saw their very crude engine, they had just worked on a game with Bruce Willis so the character that I first played was Bruce Willis with a gun strapped to his back skating through a wasteland. But the controls were intuitive, and I just knew with my input and with my connections that we could make something special.

Larry King: That's a hell of a company, Activision.

Tony Hawk: They're great. They changed me life. I mean, that video game changed my life.

Larry King: Do you play Tony Hawk? Do you play yourself? And-

Tony Hawk: Yes I do. Yes I play with myself. I didn't think I would have to admit that on Larry King, but yeah.

Larry King: Your last video game installment was in 2015, are we going to get more?

Tony Hawk: I hope so. I mean, I hope to continue on and maybe do something that's more mobile, or in the VR world. I'm kind of weighing my options right now.