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Vocal coach Roger Love analyzes Hillary Clinton’s voice

Larry King NowDec 09 '16

Acclaimed vocal coach Roger Love says that, as a speaker, Hillary struggled with sounding rehearsed, and thus inauthentic.

Larry King: What was wrong with Hillary Clinton?

Roger Love: Some people sound like they’re rehearsed; that they’ve memorized exactly where they should go up and when they should go down. And it doesn’t seem like it’s in the moment.

Larry King: But she in personal, since I know her very well, if she was sitting here it’s not like that at all. She was a lawyer, she had to influence jurors. So what happened when the crowd got bigger?

Roger Love: I think that it’s – when the crowd got bigger some people pay more attention to the words and a little less attention to being in the moment. And then when you’re in that place you’d have to be the greatest actor in the world to deliver memorized words and make it 100% believable. But there were times when she was heartfelt and beautiful and a great speaker and you could see that. But it happens to all politicians no matter how great of a speaker they are, when they’re so focused on specific words that they have to use, they go from the creative side of the brain to the logical side of the brain and it’s harder to communicate openly and emotionally and authentically.

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