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Tyler Posey On ‘Teen Wolf,’ His First Kiss & A Potential Career Change

Larry King NowFeb 01 '16

Tyler Posey gives Larry the inside scoop on all things ‘Teen Wolf’ — what’s to come in season 5, his upcoming directorial debut, and the roots of those infamous on-set pranks. Plus, Tyler details a potential career change & his first kiss with none other than Miley Cyrus.

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*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Feb 1st 2016:

“I think it’s because it’s a little bit relatable. My character, he was the outcast in school and has one really good best friend. It’s just a lot of elements that we make it relatable for kids to watch. Also there’s something about the supernatural genre that is really interesting and entertaining for kids to watch.” - Tyler Posey on why he thinks Teen Wolf resonates with its audience.

“I’m going to be directing an episode. Hopefully in the second part of season six…I’ve been essentially shadowing the directors and taking in as much information as I can.” - Tyler Posey on what we can expect for the sixth season of Teen Wolf.

“I didn’t know! I had no —this is the first time hearing of that, but I’ve known. I’ve known. I’ve definitely known. That’s so great man! Oh my god. I had no idea.” - Tyler Posey on Charlie Carver, his former Teen Wolf castmate, coming out.

“I think it’s getting easier and easier to do for people. Like the other day, I was driving by these two kids, wearing backpacks in high school, and they were holding hands --boys, and I loved it. I thought it was so cool man.” - Tyler Posey on the changing attitudes toward openly gay individuals.

“I loved it. She taught me a lot. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she was really professional. Like extremely professional and was always there. Never was late to set. And I took a lot from that without knowing it at the time because I was ten years old. I was so young.” - Tyler Posey on working with Jennifer Lopez.

“All it is is me and my friend in my living room and we’re just raw. We’re just ourselves. We have sometimes discussions, like planned discussions, that we want to talk about but for the most part we riff on each other. We go back and forth and it turns out to be really entertaining.” - Tyler Posey on his podcast Doin’ It Raw

“No, not at all. Never…I don’t pay too much attention to it. I know I should. I know, I’ve never voted. I know, It’s awful. It’s really bad.” - Tyler Posey on the lack of political discussion on his podcast.

“I love the idea that the two girls are the driving force of the story and I think young girls can gain a lot from it.” - Tyler Posey on his upcoming movie Yoga Hosers, a Kevin Smith film which also stars Johnny Depp.

“I started this YouTube channel where I just wanted to put my music out there but I didn’t want people to think I was putting it out there because I thought that I was good. So, I called it Music for Your Ears to Bleed to because it’s not the best music in the world. I’m just having fun.”

“Miley Cyrus. She was my girlfriend when I was nine years old. It was in Toronto Canada. I was filming a tv show with her dad. He was the lead of the show. Billy Ray. And I didn’t have many friends and he moved his family down there because we were there for about 4 years and she and I became really close friends.” - Tyler Posey on who his first kiss was.

“I pooped my pants at one point…It was embarrassing. I wasn’t on set. It was in the makeup trailer but I was around two of my best friends so I didn’t really get too embarrassed. It’s hard for me to get embarrassed…” - Tyler Posey on his most embarrassing moment on set.