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Candace Cameron Bure on ‘Fuller House,’ the GOP & her faith in God

Larry King NowFeb 19 '16

The 'DWTS' alum and co-host of 'The View' previews her return as D.J.Tanner in Netflix's highly anticipated new series, 'Fuller House.' Plus,she talks about what it's like to be the only conservative voice on'The View' and how her faith plays a major role in her life.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Feb 19th 2016:

“His stand up is pretty filthy but Bob is a father and he had three girls that were just about the same age as- a little bit older- but just about the same age as us as we were growing up on the show. So there were definitely off-color jokes on the set but that was kind of from all three guys. But Bob is a family guy and he’s one of my dearest friends too…He’s such a good guy. The comedy is racey but he’s not as a human being.” -Candace Cameron Bure on working with Bob Saget.

To this day people think we have reunions and it gets posted on Instagram and like oh they’re getting together and it’s like no we’ve been together for thirty years. We’ve always been friends and I think that was natural chemistry that you saw on the show and people could relate to it and they felt special. But it was also we brought you into our home. And it was the type of show that while these story lines were sometimes cheesy and they always got wrapped up with a pretty little bow on it in thirty minutes, it still gave us such a sense of family and it gave almost hope for I think children that had families that were different or maybe didn’t have a mom or didn’t have a dad and somehow they could just relate to some character on there and they just felt like they were part of a real family.” - Candace Cameron Bure on why the show Full House worked.

“And that’s my favorite day of the week, to shoot in front of the audience because it’s such a different vibe. It’s like being on- well I’ve never done theater- but i’ve watched a lot of theater, but I imagine it’s doing a live performance in front of people.”

“In the show D.J., my character, has three boys. She’s widowed thats why she asks her best friend Kimmy and her sister Stephanie to move in and help her raise her kids and Kimmy has a thirteen year old daughter. So it’s three women raising these four kids and yeah, Danny’s a grandpa.” - Candace Cameron Bure on the premise of Fuller House.

“Oh she’s great. She’s fantastic and she made her way through all that. It’s been in the past and she’s a great mom and has two beautiful daughters.” Candace Cameron Bure on her co-star, Jodie Sweetin’s, past drug problem.

“The framework is about Dancing with the Stars, but it’s really about the lessons that i learned because that show changed me. It really push me out of my comfort zone.” - Candace Cameron Bure on her latest book.

“I don’t know at this point.think Marco Rubio could sneak in there…I do like Marco Rubio. It’s still a little bit— I want to look at all the candidates.” - Candace Cameron Bure on the presidential race.

“I’ve loved watching Donald on tv over the years. I really have. I love seeing stories about his family because he really does seem like a wonderful family man…You see his kids and what they’ve done and they’re wonderful, which then surprises me why he will say some of the things that he says in his presidential race and I think I had higher hopes for him in the sense that like he’s not ‘pc’ and i thought this could be someone that comes in that’s not establishment, that could really shake things up, but then some of the things that come out of his mouth I’m like, I just can’t grasp it.” - Candace Cameron Bure on Donald Trump.

“The surprising part is probably I listen to a lot of electronic dance music. A lot of EDM (laughs). ” -Candace Cameron Bure on a musical artist that might surprise us

“I wish everyone would have faith in God.”

“I would fight for that equality, but I kind of don’t dwell on it at the same time. I feel very blessed for the position that I’m in and the jobs that I’ve had. But of course I think there should be equal pay across the board.” - Candace Cameron Bure on the hollywood pay gap.

“Well, listen. I believe in the bible so I don’t know that I could pinpoint something unless someone threw something out specific.” -Candace Cameron Bure on Christian values and beliefs that she does not totally support.