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Malin Akerman Talks ‘Billions,’ Gender Inequality In Hollywood, & Kissing Tom Cruise

Larry King NowFeb 22 '16

‘Billions’ star Malin Akerman discusses her role on the new hit series, discusses gender inequalities in Hollywood and explains why Tom Cruise was her best on-screen kiss.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Feb 22nd 2016:

“It’s probably one of the most traditional Swedish names that you ever heard…Born in Sweden, raised in Canada.” - Malin Akerman on her name and origins.

“This whole show kind of stems from 9/11 really. That’s where Bobby made his money- was insider trading on 9/11- so there’s a bit more focus on that and that’s sort of the slimy part of Bobby’s background, that he has a really interesting justification for. But for sure that is-- It has a lot to do with the financial crisis.”- Malin Akerman on whether or not the show touches on the crash of 2007.

“I don’t think it’s affected much of my view. I think it’s just legitimized what we know is already true. You know, there’s the one percent and there’s the ninety nine percent and that’s the truth. And you kind of have a better understanding of how the rich just continually get richer.” - Malin Akerman on whether or not Billions has affected her view on the top one percent.

“It’s a very different vibe and a very different feeling and there’s pros and cons to everything of course, but the one thing that was a major shock to me moving here to the states, was healthcare. In Canada and Sweden, it’s free. You get it. You pay taxes. You get healthcare and that was a shocker, the amount you have to pay to get healthcare here is crazy.” - Malin Akerman on the U.S. healthcare system.

“He’s definitely very reminiscent of Swedish politicians and Canadians as well, so it feels very- I can’t vote here, so there goes my vote.” - Malin Akerman on Bernie Sanders.

“I think aside from Billions, which I’m having blast on, I really loved doing Rock of Ages. That was fun. To sing and to get to stick my tongue into Tom Cruise’s ear, which was very interesting. You know, not everyone gets to do that…It was interesting. It tastes like cotton candy.” - Malin Akerman on her favorite role to date.

"I can’t say I turned it down because it wasn’t offered to me, but I did get the script for The Hangover and I just kind of went ‘ehh,’ because the female role that Heather- she ended up doing it and she was great and I just felt like all the guys have all the good stuff. ‘Nah, I don’t want to do that. I want to do the guy’s role,’ but right now I wish— that ended up being quite a good film.” - Malin Akerman on a role she regrets turning down.

“I think there’s a shift being made, yeah absolutely. It’s going to be a slow climb but I think it’s possible for sure.” - Malin Akerman on gender inequality.

“It’s a micro-financing organization. So I travel around with them and do these in-site trips with them and meet people who basically take loans. They focus a lot on women because it’s trying to break the cycle of poverty and women. If you funnel money into women and their businesses, they tend to put their money back into their family and put their kids in school and that’s really the way to break the cycle of poverty, so they’re doing a phenomenal job and everyone that I’ve met in Africa, we’ve gone down to Nicaragua. The women that then become leaders of their communities and they’re putting their communities together, thanks to just small loans that Opportunity International is able to provide. It’s a great organization.”

“It’s an interesting race. I flip flop back and forth a little bit…I do like Bernie a little. I do like Bernie and I like Hillary. I think they both have— you know, everyone has their pros and cons but absolutely. I think Bernie has a lot of things that are familiar to me coming from Canada and Sweden, definitely.” - Malin Akerman on the presidential race.