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Craig Ferguson Talks New Late Night Gig, 2016 Election, & Being Dismissed From Jury Duty

Larry King NowFeb 24 '16

In a hilarious interview with his longtime friend Larry King, the former 'Late Late Show' host discusses his new panel show 'Join or Die,' gets candid about the presidential race, and explains why he was recently dismissed from jury duty for being a "wiseass."


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Feb 24th 2016:

“Here’s the thing. It has no academic value, this show. It’s not like if a historical figure wins on Join or Die they suddenly get a prize or anything like that. It’s to stimulate discussion. The format of the show is to stimulate discussion.” - Craig Ferguson on his new show, Join or Die

“I think Trump is symptomatic of despair that Americans have in Washington right now. I think that’s what it is. What I personally feel about— He doesn’t appeal to me personally, but I think he’s symptomatic of a despair and a lack of trust that many Americans have in the process and I think it would— Politicians would do well in my opinion to try and gain the trust and respect of the American people. Not only during a campaign but actually while they’re in Washington.” - Craig Ferguson on Trump

“I did once. When I heard Trump was running I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I mean, really. That’s like when Cheney shot his lawyer in the face. It’s just a gift.” - Craig Ferguson on whether or not he misses hosting the Late Late Show.

“I’ve met James Corden and I’ve seen bits and pieces of what he’s done. He seems great. Very nice guy. He’s clearly a gifted performer.”

“I’m very fond of Bernie. I think he’s very crazy looking. I enjoy that. I must admit I think he’d be great to play in a sketch.”

“Exciting probably. A thrilling lover.” - Craig Ferguson on Ted Cruz.

“Mmm. Spanx. She wears spanx.” - Craig Ferguson on Hillary Clinton.

“I do like Bernie. I vote in Vermont. I’ve been familiar with Bernie for a long time…I’m registered to vote in Vermont. I have a house in Vermont. I vote in Vermont…It’s a secret ballot. I’m not telling you. But he’s been my senator since I was an American citizen, so you do the math.”

“He has the name that most sounds like a professional acrobat and I think that that’s worth discussion…Marco Rubio! Aye!”

“The sense of ownership that some people have about how you should behave and how you should think. It’s very distressing to me.” - Craig Ferguson on the worst thing about being famous.

“On a good day, lipstick.” - Craig Ferguson on what does a scotsman wear under his kilt.

“Yeah I’ve played them. I don’t pay much attention to what people say after I’m done. The way I feel like if I get paid and leave without any physical harm happening to me, Fuck ‘em. I mean, if they hired me to say stuff, it’s not a secret what’s going to happen. It’s not like, ‘Oh. This Craig Ferguson. Do you think he might cuss?’ I’m going to cuss, you know? Even if I don’t cuss, you’re going to think I’m cussin'. So, It’s going to happen… Look. If I can’t defend a joke, I won’t say it. So, I never do a joke I feel I can’t defend.” - Craig Ferguson on performing stand-up at colleges in light of the recent upsurge for political correctness.