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Grace Helbig Reveals Her Favorite YouTubers, Talks Body Image Pressures & Previews New Book

Larry King NowFeb 03 '16

New York Times best-selling author and YouTube star Grace Helbig previews her new book, talks feminism, and dishes on her new project with fellow YouTuber Hannah Hart.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Feb 2nd 2016:

“I think they’re wonderful, wonderful human beings in doing that and I don’t think that they necessarily have written that down for themselves as their mission statements, but I think by them being just comfortable with themselves regardless of physicality…they also have courage because they’re very comfortable in the way they present their minds and their bodies at the same time. And I think that is something that should influence younger people.” - Grace Helbig on Amy Schumer and Adele’s influence on body image.

“When I was going through the hard time in my life, thankfully I didn’t have the internet to deal with at the same time that kids these days have to deal with it. But I think there are ways to get through moments when you feel really alone because ultimately, that’s what a lot of--I believe disorders stem from a feeling of being really alone with dark thoughts.” - Grace Helbig on dealing with eating disorders.

“I got into the Youtube thing as a hobby. I was auditioning for tv shows and commercials in New York city and doing improv comedy and was working some odd jobs. And at the end of the day, I would come back to my apartment and make these videos by myself for fun and then started to realize that there was a community around making digital videos and there were also career opportunities around it.”

“If you think about it very deeply, it’s a huge bummer that women aren’t necessarily treated equally across the board and it’s a bummer that the conversations have to happen. But I like to think about it by not thinking about it. A lot of people ask me what it’s like being a female comedian and I like to answer the question, ‘What’s it like being a comedian?’ because I think when you start to categorize yourself, you limit yourself.” - Grace Helbig on the gender inequality in Hollywood.

“I felt a need to be sexy and I really didn’t want to. And so my kind of flag that I wave now, for girls especially, is that you don’t have to be overly sexualized to be yourself.” - Grace Helbig on attire and sexuality.

“A celebrity crush I had or have, Anna Kendrick.”

“The Rock…Dwayne Johnson… I mean, you can write someone in right?” - Grace Helbig on who she supports for presidency.