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French Montana Talks New Album, Movie & The Feud Between Kanye West & Taylor Swift

Larry King NowMar 14 '16

French Montana sits down for an in-depth interview to discuss his upcoming album, his role in ‘The Perfect Match,’ and get candid about his friend Kanye West’s latest antics.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on March 14th 2016:

“One of my friends, Max B. gave me the name Mac and Cheese. I believe it is one of the most soulful things you can have. That is the vibe of the music, soulful.”– French Montana on his album name

“We usually go up to the studio and start drinking. We get the vibe going, and you know, we get the creative vibes moving around. That’s usually how magic happens.”– French Montana on working with other artists

“I would say music [is my favorite thing I do]. Making music is my first love.” – French Montana on what his favorite profession is

“I don’t believe they have real problems. It’s like a sport. It’s like a competition. Sometimes you spar with somebody because nobody gets hurt. It’s just part of the game. It brings excitement to the game.”– French Montana on the war of words between Drake and Meek Mills

“Music is only like 70% of it. You have to have a business mind and grow a thick skin. I tell everybody this, ‘you’re better off making it into the NBA before making it into the rap game.’” – French Montana on what makes a successful Rapper

“You can’t go wrong playing yourself [in a movie]. You can’t mess that up.”– French Montana on portraying himself in his first movie

“I just feel that Kanye West is a genius, and all the moves he do is calculated. Everything he says makes headlines. There is a method to his madness.” – French Montana on his long time friend Kanye West

“The best thing about being famous is probably the ladies.”

“Faith is everything. I mean I think it plays the biggest part. Just being a Muslim and what I believe and growing up where I grew up, it plays a big role.”– French Montana on how being a Muslim influences his music

“When you say you want to stop all Muslim people from entering the states that’s a big statement. People don’t like that, and there are a lot of Muslim people. No one is really listening to what [Donald Trump] is saying.”– French Montana on Donald Trump’s plan of getting rid of all Muslims in the United States