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Rapper G-Eazy on his industry peers, the perils of fame and his next move

Larry King NowApr 01 '16

With his hit single 'Me, Myself & I' quickly rising the charts, rapper G-Eazy joins Larry for a candid conversation about his path to success in the ultra-competitive music industry, the perils of superstardom, and why he doesn't like being compared to Eminem. G-Eazy also previews his upcoming Coachella performance and reveals his biggest pet peeve in a hilarious game of 'If You Only Knew.'


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on April 1st 2016:

“It’s definitely been a long, long…. long, long, long, long, long journey since I was selling burnt CD’s out of my backpack in downtown Oakland. Um, but you appreciate it more, you know? Sometimes the longer it takes, you hope it lasts longer. I mean, it’s been a process. It’s been a long time.” — G-Eazy on how long his journey to stardom took

“I think the last one surprised a lot of people. Besides me and my team nobody really saw that coming. No one was expecting us to do all that, but we’ve always kinda been counted out, you know? Always been outsiders, always been a little different, but I've always just believed in it. This is all I’ve ever loved, all I’ve ever known, and when you don’t have a plan B you gotta make it work sooner or later.” — G-Eazy on how his last CD surprised people and gave him momentum for his new album

“I finished up my tour, all around the states- Canada, Australia- and I flew from there basically to the studio to start working. There wasn’t like ‘let me take six months off.’ You can’t do that anymore. They would forget about me! So I went into the studio for those six months instead and just did the record and then dropped it and immediately went on the road.” — G-Eazy on how there is more pressure to put out music quicker now

“Why rap? That’s what I grew up with then. The culture I grew up with then. So naturally, I’ve always been driven, but you know when I got into music, if I had grown up somewhere else, I might have been a folk singer or whatever.” — G-Eazy on why he decided to become a rapper

“You can’t quit. You can’t sleep. While you’re sleeping, somebody else is working. Like I said, the attention spans of people these days man, you can’t let up. They will forget about you and fall in love with someone else.” — G-Eazy on what it’s like to be ‘always on the grind.’

“You feel it, you know? If music makes you feel something… there is this whole thing- there is no formula or guaranteed cheat code. There are certain things you can do, but music has to give you a feeling. You know, it has an intangible magic and that’s the special part about it. You either feel it or not and know if it’s a hit or if it’s just not a hit.” — G-Eazy on being able to tell if a song will be a hit or not

“I don’t think anybody likes being compared to anybody. You know, beyond the honer. Eminem is the greatest to ever do it, to put in a sentence, but I don’t think anybody likes to be put in a box. But the world needs boxes. It needs categories so it just comes with the territory.” — G-Eazy on being compared to Eminem

“I used to get crazy stage fright, but now I love being on stage more than anything. Just by doing. I remember the first show I was ever booked on and panicking, waking up thinking I would have to play that show that night. I was like eighteen or something. As soon as I got on that stage it was the most intoxicating feeling and I never looked back.” — G-Eazy on getting over his stage fright