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The Miz gives Larry King talk show advice

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John Cena on his WWE future, movie career & UFC fighting

Larry King NowApr 11 '16

WWE icon John Cena joins Larry for a wide-ranging chat about the future of his WWE career, the rise of female wrestlers and the possibility of marrying his girlfriend, WWE Diva Nikki Bella. John also gives his uncensored thoughts on the growing popularity of UFC fighting, dishes on his wild "Trainwreck" sex scene and previews his highly-anticipated new FOX reality series 'American Grit.'


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on April 11th 2016:

“I had to have my shoulder rebuilt. So I was fresh off of shoulder surgery. This one is rehashed a little bit. It’s not metal or anything like that. I had a tear in the rotator cuff, my ACL joint had to be broken then rebuilt and the humeral head the bone in my arm had to be cut in half and let the cartilage regrow. I was given a nine month timeline and it has been about three months since I had my surgery and no one expected me to be [at Wrestlemania] and I thought ‘It’s a big party, I might as well crash it.’” —John Cena on his recent injury and surprise appearance at Wrestlemania 32

“It’s the feel of live performance- I don’t think there is anything like it.” —John Cena on why he continues to do wrestling

“It’s the appeal that it has to everybody. It’s something you can watch even if you don’t understand what we are saying. The company has such good global outreach because you can just understand it. There are good guys, there are bad guys,and it is the continuing story of good vs evil. It transcends language. It’s why we have such a big audience around the world.” —John Cena on how WWE has gotten so popular worldwide

“We always tell our audience the name of the company is World Wrestling Entertainment. That would be like asking a director ‘You do know how your movie is going to end.” Of course, but they still package the film and put it out there for the audience to be entertained. Our scenario is no different except you don’t have to have the confines of the big screen, these superheros are right out here in front of you in real life and you can reach out and touch them.” —John Cena on knowing what the outcome of a match will be

“Regardless of some of our critics WWE has a great way of listening to it’s audience. Our audience just wanted to see these women who have enormous talent and can tell stories just like the men get a chance. They have gotten the chance and certainly proved themselves as worthy as anyone.” —John Cena on the rise in Diva Wrestling

“So many people say ‘We support our troops, whether they are deployed or not active.’These men and women have such a great knowledge base that I will never get just because of the situations they have been in. I think a lot of people have a tough time finding ways that what they learned in the military can translate into normal life. But on this show you can see the leadership qualities of these four different Cadre’s, what we call them, bestowed upon civilian life.” —John Cena on how this show will help show our appreciation for the men and women who have served