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Ben Kingsley ties ‘Jungle Book’ to preservation

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Kevin Costner & Gary Oldman on their iconic careers, politics & future roles

Larry King NowApr 15 '16

Hollywood legends Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman dish on their incredible, decades-long careers — discussing everything from most impactful roles to parts they regret turning down. Kevin and Gary also weigh in on the 2016 presidential race and preview their new action thriller, 'Criminal.'


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on April 15th 2016:

“It was the only movie I ever did - on the plane ride - where I didn’t know how I was gonna play the part. I didn’t know what my voice was gonna be. I didn’t know anything. I got to the trailer - I think [Gary] must have had the same thing - I got to the trailer with long hair and the whole thing and they said, ‘Well this is the rape scene so we're going to have to cut your hair,’ and I had to decide my whole look right there.” — Kevin Costner on how he was not prepared for this role when they started filming

“My connection or involvement in it? Well it’s a wild idea but it’s fun. But a brain... You think how is that going to work? But I met Ariel, the director, and I liked him so much. He had a great energy that is, to me, an overview. You know, he had a real take on how he wanted to make the movie and it was also an opportunity.”— Gary Oldman on how he got involved in the movie

“I make some sounds now that are American and when I went back to British, believe it or not, when I made ‘Tinker-Tailor Soldier Spy,’ I had a voice coach because I don’t hear the sounds that I make that are more American, but I haven’t lost my accent! But I would never think of saying, um, using the word ‘lift’ to describe an elevator. This is a ‘sweater’ not a ‘jumper’ to me. But I’m in the culture the whole time!” — Gary Oldman on switching from British to American films

“I think people think we are either hot water or cold water, like we can just turn it on magically. But there we are in a dressing room doing the scene the best we can and by the time we went out there, it was really smart that we had been in there.” — Kevin Costner on how people don’t realize how much practice goes into acting for their scenes

“I can tell you one thing. Many years ago, they were interested in me for ‘Edward Scissorhands.’ I read the script and went ‘[blows raspberry] it’s ridiculous. A castle at the end of this road? A Avon lady comes around selling makeup? A guy with scissor for hands? This is nuts. I don’t get this at all.’ I ended up not doing it, not even going in for a meeting, and just said ‘I don’t get it.’ Then they cast Johnny Depp and Tim Burton who was a relatively unknown at the time, so that was a sort of another unknown commodity. I go and see the movie and the camera pans over these multicolored houses in a very suburban neighborhood and you see this sort of Dracula castle on the hill, and literally two minutes in I say, ‘Yeah, I get it.’” — Gary Oldman on turning down the role of Edward Scissorhands

“Yeah, we have played for 50 or 40 thousand people before. So I love to play music that feels live, but there's this energy that comes with a band. ‘Modern West’ is our name. It’s more Rock N Roll. One of the worst times of my life as an adult is, ‘Now we have to name ourselves?’ ‘Cause we were just getting together to play and now we have this big list of what we are going to call ourselves saying, ‘This is not going to work.’ So that’s the name.” — Kevin Costner on playing with his band and live performances

“I wouldn’t even have dinner with these people. The way these people talk to each other in what is called a ‘debate.’ It’s not a debate. It’s some kind of loud discussion.”— Kevin Costner on the current presidential race