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Andrew Dice Clay talks acting acclaim, Trump, and Cosby

Larry King NowApr 20 '16

Iconic comedian Andrew Dice Clay joins Larry to discuss his new Showtime series, the recent acclaim he has received for his acting roles, and share his opinions on famous figures like Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart, Bill Cosby, and Donald Trump.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on April20th 2016:

“I did a lot of acting stuff before the ‘Dice’ thing took off. Something I’ve always been proud of is Michael Mann’s series called ‘Crime Story,’ That was thrilling for me because Michael Mann was one of the greats.”— Andrew Dice Clay on what it’s like being an actor

“Out of every director, every producer, I never thought that Woody Allen would call. But he did and I came in and did an audition for him and that was like the beginning of all of this. You know what? I feel very grateful about all of that. You know, I am very humble with the acting stuff. If you ask me about it, all the years of being on stage as a comic the ego will come out ‘I’m the greatest thing in the world, nobody could touch me, I’ve drawn more crowds than anybody, biggest crowds ever in history!’ That was before, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no followers. Everybody just followed me to the arenas it was craziness. But when people talk about my acting and say ‘you were amazing in Woody,’ and now in ‘Vinyl’ I get like really shy about it.” — Andrew Dice Clay on his modesty when it comes to acting vs his stand up

“The show takes place a little before my resurgence starts. A lot of this is true to life because I did get back into playing blackjack very heavily during the recession. Things weren't great, I was doing gigs but there was no extra money. I could be good, I could be terrible. There was a time I would play it with Monopoly money, like I could win or lose half a million at any given time. If I won that half a million it would take twenty minutes but I was doing arenas so I was like my own bank.” — Andrew Dice Clay on when ‘Dice’ takes place and his gambling addiction

“Even when I did your show many years ago I was under a microscope by journalism. Nobody understood why a comedian was selling out 20,000 seats a night. ‘Why is a comedian opening up for Guns N’ Roses in front of 100,000 people at the Rose Bowl?’ So it scared journalists, but I’m just a comedian.” — Andrew Dice Clay on how he was scrutinized by journalists in his prime

“If you like [Trump] it’s no good, if you don’t like him it’s no good. He has a bigger than life personality. I mean, the one little tiff I had with him on the set wasn’t when we were filming, it was when we were waiting to film and - I really like him by the way- but he said‘I’m more famous than all you guys.’ It got me mad and I do have a bad temper. I say ‘How can you sit here and say that? Let me see you sell out 300 arena shows.’ I mean now he can! But the point is you don’t say that to guys who have put their whole life into what they do as performers. I said ‘I understand this is a giant show, you’re a celebrity, but you can’t look at guys like this and go ‘I’m more famous than all of you.’”-— Andrew Dice Clay on Trump and their off screen argument

“Let me put it to you this way, I’m not a judge, I’m not an attorney. Obviously from what’s been said this guy basically drugged women and had sex with them. To me I don’t care if he’s a celebrity, not a celebrity, I would call that guy a piece of sh*t.” — Andrew Dice Clay on the Bill Cosby scandal