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Spiritual healing: myth or reality?

Larry King NowMay 11 '16

Larry welcomes the famed ‘Medical Medium’ Anthony William and spiritual healer Bruce Gold to discuss their popular, yet controversial, alternative medicine practices. Plus, renowned paranormal and pseudoscientific skeptic Michael Shermer joins the conversation in an attempt to debunk the work of Anthony and Bruce.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on May 11th 2016:

“It all started for me at age four. I woke up one morning and heard a voice that was perfectly clear. The voice told me to tell my grandmother that she had lung cancer. So that’s how it started for me, and since then I’ve been the Medical Medium. The voice is what I call ‘The Spirit’, and it’s a man’s voice. It sounds calm, it sounds soothing, and I’ve never stopped hearing the voice. It’s not-stop everywhere I go, everything I do.” —Anthony William on how he became the ‘Medical Medium’ by detecting lung cancer in his grandmother

“I think it’s something that is within us all. We are able to share with each other, if only we are able to tap the source. The way that I tapped the source was during my near death experience which was really a harrowing ride on the 405 freeway here in Los Angeles. During that ride I had all the symptoms of a fatal heart attack. My father had a fatal heart attack when he was 40 years old and I was in fear of following in his footsteps. Well, when I was on the freeway during this harrowing experience and having my left arm go numb, and my chest cave in, I experienced a feeling that-I didn’t know that I was able to help others heal. I see myself as more of a conduit for healing. That was when somebody, a third party told me, about a month and a half after my near death experience, that I embodied this gift, that I had this gift.” —Bruce Gold on how he found his gift and his near death experience on the 405 freeway

“I hope there can be a common ground met. I hope that. Because there are discoveries every day Larry of interesting new things in science that are being discovered at all times and hopefully those things will come more to light then they have been.” —Bruce Gold on his hopes that science and spiritual healing can come together to help heal people

“We know that none of this is going to work with cancer or HIV, it’s not going to destroy the HIV virus you have to take the drug cocktail that’s it. That is the only thing that works measurably, consistently, but things that we can’t treat very well like depression, low energy or chronic pain or places where there is a gap in scientific knowledge like autism. Autism is ripe with quack cures, and wacky treatments and so on because we don’t know what the cause is and we don’t have a treatment for it. So that opens the door, where science has a gap, for anybody else to come in.” — Skeptic Michael Shermer on why people would believe in spiritual healingwhen they have nothing else to turn to

“I can’t cure anything. The source that I am tapping into, or the source where Anthony William is tapping into or people like ourselves like a gentleman who goes by John of God in Brazil. We don’t cure anything, we have experiences in our life that bring us to a different understanding. So I can’t say what it’s like to be in your shoes like you can’t say what it’s like to be in mine. All I’ll say is I like the fact that you're skeptical, I love that. Because when I was told that I had this I was a bigger skeptic than you. I stood there and said ‘you’re out of your mind’ to the lady who told me this. Then I thought to myself ‘what if?’ What have I got to lose? It’s the same thing like when I was on the freeway, what have I got to lose in believing that there might be a source of God?” —Bruce Gold explaining to Michael Shermer about himself not being able to cure anything, but the spirits he taps into do the healing, and that he likes Shermer’s skepticism

“As long as the person does not stop going to the doctor, or stop taking the meds their doctor tells them to take which is the case with you then no of course not. In the sense that whatever it takes for somebody to feel better about their particular problem. Again what I worry about is that it becomes an alternative where people say “I guess I don’t need to go to my doc anymore” because they have a spiritual healer.” —Michael Shermer on being asked if spiritual healers cause more problems in society then helping people