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Charo on dealing with "bullsh*t" & her return to television

Larry King NowMay 02 '16

The indefatigable Charoregales Larry with tales of her pet bull and the origins of "cuchicuchi," and explains why she insulted Sofia Vergara. Plus, the flamencoguitarist and entertainer on Hollywood's Latino problem.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on May 2nd 2016:

We are the right family in the wrong neighborhood. I cannot stand Beverly Hills. Everybody is so Snoopy Doopy. In the house - and it's a big house because coming from Spain we live all together - my husband, although I don't know why he’s still married with me because one of these days you're going to jump from the bridge or push me out of a window, because I sleep during the day and he goes to sleep very early at nine o'clock. My husband, my sister who is the designer - and she is wild - my brother-in-law, and my son who is a hot tamale. Very good looking. It's a good combination of my husband and me. He's very talented. Also my nephews who are heavy metal orchestra. There's also a bull and two dogs and a little parakeet.” —Charo on her new reality show ‘Charo in Charge’ and the members of her family who live with her

“The bull is about 2000 pounds. I swear to you that I kept it for a year-and-a-half but the neighbors start calling the police and say, 'We smell bullshit from Charo's backyard,' so I had to move it to Agoura. But I have another baby bull and this one is Martinez and is now in a farm sanctuary.” —Charo on having to fight to keep her pet bulls

“A newspaper asked me, ‘What do you think of Sofia Vergara?’ And I talk without I think and so I answer, ‘Sofia Vergara is Charo with diarrhea.’” —Charo on Sofia Vergara

“'Cuchi cuchi' comes from- I had a dog from the farm of my grandfather named Cuchillo. Cuchillo is knife. The dog was a mix between a St. Bernard and a pitbull. So he would bite you then run and hide, I mean it. He had a broken back because he had an accident. My grandmother brought this dog from the street and fixed him the best way possible but the dog never wiggled side to side because of problem in the spine. He wiggled back and forth, back and forth. I no kidding you! I called him Cuchi because Cuchillo was a very long word, so I copied his movement and said, 'Come on cuchi, come on cuchi' and they gave me money."—Charo on how she got her catchphrase ‘cuchi cuchi’

“I'm not into politics because my father was a politician and my father ended up running to Casablanca. 24 hours prior [SIC later] they execute him. So without thinking about it my father destroyed the lives of my mother, the family and my sister kept going, 'When are they gonna kill papa?' So my sister and I say that we swear we will never get into politics.” —Charo on how she and her family refuse to get into politics