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Engelbert Humperdinck talks new music & Bruno Mars

Larry King NowMay 02 '16

Iconic singer Engelbert Humperdinck joins Larry to discuss his storied career, a new country album, and recalls the time when a 5-year-old Bruno Mars performed for him.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on May 2nd 2016:

“I can't get that number into my head. When I was young I thought 60, 70, 80 was up there and now I'm up there and you know, it's not so bad.”—Engelbert Humperdinck on turning 80 years old

“But the most amazing thing is I'm still nervous. I'm still very nervous when I walk out on stage. My hands get cold, you know? It’s an incredible feeling. And the audience can't see me but I'm belting notes out with the overture. After I walk out on stage, after three or four minutes I get more into it.”—Engelbert Humperdinck on how he still gets nervous before every show

“I don't mind it. You have to move with the times and whatever's happening is happening and you have to go along with it.”—Engelbert Humperdinck on his opinion of country music sounding more like pop music

“My manager Gordon Mills, who have since passed you know, but he was the genius of making careers. He chose the name for me. He chose the name for Tom Jones, he chose the name for Gilbert O'Sullivan and they were all sort of composers. When I heard [Engelbert Humperdinck], I almost fainted. To sign the name is the worst thing because it's so long, but I accepted the name. I was a starving performer, a starving singer. I accepted anything to get me out there, to get me on the stage.” —Engelbert Humperdinck on how he got his name and his ambition for stardom.

"I was at Bert Kaempfert's house and he wrote three songs for me. 'Spanish Eyes,' 'Strangers in the night,' and 'Wonderland by Night.’ And I brought these songs back to England and recorded them all. Then all of a sudden Gordon Mills says to me, ‘You can't have 'Strangers in the night.'’ I said, 'Why not? I've already recorded it. I think it's a hit song.' He just said 'Frank wants it,’ and nobody argues with Frank, you know? So he took it and made a number one with it but he never sang it after that." —Engelbert Humperdinck on how Frank Sinatra took the song ‘Strangers in the Night’ from him and made it a number one hit