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Stephen Amell on Olicity, ‘Arrow’ fans, & Drake

Larry King NowMay 27 '16

Arrow’ star Stephen Amell resumes his seat across from Larry to discuss the future of Olicity, his feelings about the show’s fervent fandom, and if an ‘Arrow’ movie is on the horizon. Plus, the actor on playing Casey Jones in ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ and his theory about Drake.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on May 27th 2016:

“I don’t know. I’ve had a presence on social media since we startedwith the show and it’s just become a very popular and engaged audience.Loyal too.” —Stephen Amell on why he received so many social mediaquestions

“When we originally came on the air,we were kind of a counterpoint to a lot of the superhero shows that hadbeen on TV, and we tried to go in a different direction - much likeNolan’s ‘Batman’ tried to take the superhero films in another direction.And for whatever reason, the pilot popped and here we are 92 episodesin.” —Stephen Amell on how “Arrow” became such a big television show

“Ijust want to let you know that you saying ‘Olicity’ and me reacting toit is one of my favorite memes ever. The number of times I have seen youin the past three years say, ‘What is this Olicity thing?’’ numbers inthe hundreds.” —Stephen Amell tells Larry King he has been a popularmeme for the past three years regarding ‘Olicity’

“No. Simply, no.”—Stephen Amell on being asked if Laurel is going to come back to life

“Ithink there are sections of the fandom that that take to liking acharacter by way of attacking another character. All that being said, Ithink that Twitter largely is overblown. I’m not saying these peoplearen't passionate and I’m not saying their opinion shouldn’t matter, butI do think that their voices tend to be so loud that we think the crowdis bigger than it actually is. I happen to think that it’s muchsmaller. And most people enjoy a show in the traditional way and that’sto watch it and not tweet constantly throughout it. That being said, theinternet can be a negative place.” —Stephen Amell on why he thinksnegativity is being spewed among Twitter and other social mediaplatforms

“I put myself on tape for CaseyJones and I was down on the Paramount lot that Friday in LA fromVancouver doing a chemistry read with Megan Fox. And then that Monday Igot a call from my agent saying, ‘Please expect Michael Bay’s call.’Next thing you know I got the job.” —Stephen Amell on how he landed therole of Casey Jones in the upcoming ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie

“Idon’t know about ‘Supergirl’, the ‘Flash’ certainly opened the door tothat happening. But I would expect there to be a big three-nightcrossover event with ‘Flash’, ‘Arrow’, and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ thisfall.” —Stephen Amell teasing a possible crossover event happening soon