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Colin Cowherd on Steph vs. LeBron, the LA Rams & his next move

Larry King NowMay 04 '16

Sports broadcasting guru Colin Cowherd tackles today’s biggest trending topics from the NBA, NFL and beyond, including Steph Curry’s place in history, how the LA Rams will fare in their first season, and the fight for pay equality in women’s sports. Plus, what’s Colin's next big career move?


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on May 4th 2016:

“Just the structure of the business. It’s a remarkable place, but you know Larry, I would say in my lifetime the broadcasters that I have admired have all been entrepreneurial. You, Beck, Oprah, Carson, Stern, Ellen. The Disney structure does not permit owning your content and I can now own my radio show. I can own my podcasts, and my websites and that allows for generational opportunities. I have now a production company, which I’m getting ready to produce a show for somebody else. It was just very restrictive.” —Colin Cowherd on why he decided to leave ESPN

“When I started out there was no talk radio. So I did baseball play by play because I wanted to be skilled in that. Then television, there was a local TV station that I went to 20 days in a row and begged for a job. They put me on the weekends, somebody left or got fired, and then-- I was always a good talker and felt that local television limited my ability to storytelling, to broaden out, and so when it broke in you had Rush Limbaugh, I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh in Sacramento then he got syndicated and I was ‘That’s what I like.’ So I segued out of that and got out of TV and into talk radio, sports talk radio, and it just kind of exploded.” —Colin Cowherd on how he started out and got into talk radio

“For years and years a fan can write a letter to the editor, and LA Times have always had better than average letters to the editors. But that’s 12 people in a city of 10-12 million. Sports radio gives fans a voice. It’s communal, it’s visceral, you can connect. As much as I love Bill Maher, there’s only 60 people in his audience, or JohnOliver. This way the world can talk to me, or yell at me or scream at me and that’s why I engage on Twitter and Facebook. I connect with people and they have a chance to take a shot at me or argue with me and I think it’s a really special thing.” —Colin Cowherd on how sports radio lets him engage with millions of people at once

“The impact Steph Curry has on seven year-old boys in the world, is because he looks like them. Little boys don’t buy Shaq shoes, they don’t buy Yao Ming shoes. A little boy knows at eight, ‘I’m not going to look like Shaq.’ Steph Curry’s youthful appearance and game, a seven year-old boy can take a ball and say ‘I can do that.’ Best shooter of my life. I thought Larry Bird was, then maybe Dirk Nowitzki or Ray Allen--it’s not close. His impact, he’s not as complete and never will be, but the impact is he will change basketball forever.” —Colin Cowherd on the influence Stephen Curry has on his fans
“Listen, men consume more sports, play more sports and bet on sports so you can be great Yukon women or great United States Women's Soccer and be paid less than average men teams because of the consumption. FIFA’s handling USA soccer a small check for the women and a massive check for the average men’s teams.” —Colin Cowherd on the differences between men and women sports and how the women may be better but are paid less