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Vivica A. Fox & Judd Hirsch on the return of 'Independence Day'

Larry King NowJun 22 '16

Vivica A. Fox & Judd Hirsch detail the long-awaited return of the 'Independence Day'film franchise, 20 years after the original movie smashed box office records. The two actors also open up about their award-winning careers, reveal their next big projects and talk Trump vs. Hillary.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on June 22nd 2016:

Vivica A. Fox

"Yes. I wanted to do all of my own stunts because I did Kill Bill. My poor stunt double, she kept saying am I going to get to work? Because I just think, you know, the best thing is when you see the actor make the sacrifice. I was bruised from the entire right side of my body, from the wonderful action scenes that you'll see me do....I'm just that kind of babe. Growing up I played basketball, volleyball, track, and I was a cheerleader. So I've always been very physical." — Vivica A. Fox on doing her own stunts.

“We've all been waiting for this sequel for, at least, the last fifteen years. No one showed up with an ego, everyone checked their ego at the door and was happy to be back. It was like a wonderful high school reunion." —Vivica A. Fox on doing the sequel to Independence Day.

"Well, there was a lot of wonderful films. I think ‘Independence Day’ 20 years ago really set the trend of must see summer blockbuster movies. 20 years ago we made 800 million dollars worldwide, I'll never forget it. I was in Toronto making a film and I wanted to take my co-stars because it was doing so well, and they were playing Independence Day around the clock, 24 hours, and it was sold out." — Vivica A. Fox on why Hollywood makes so many sequels and the success of Independence Day.

"The sci-fi crowd is so loyal, and they will go on any adventure with you. They love going to outer space, they're just a very loyal fan group." — On why Independence Day had so much success.

"Well it's changed a lot. I remember 20 years ago that once you turned 35 you kind of got put out to pasture, you know, especially women. The guys could get older, but the women couldn't. And that's changed a lot with your women coming into more power places, producing, directing. You see beautiful women now, your baby boomers that are in their 40's, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, myself, that they're like a fine wine, they're getting better with time." — Vivica A. Fox on being a woman in Hollywood.

"He is an absolute jerk right now as a presidential candidate, I won't mince my words with that. He says things that are so offensive, he causes violence, he calls for the country to be divided at a time when we need to be united, and that is my honest opinion. And we don't need the leader of our country to behave in that manner."— Vivica A. Fox on Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.

"He congratulates himself? Really? Really? Talk about a selfish moment... that was a moment for me where he could have showed a little bit of character and sent out his condolences to the families. There was 49 families that lost their loved ones, that wasn't about him at all, it was about hate." — Vivica A. Fox on Donald Trump’s reaction to the shooting in Orlando.

"#Imwithher, I've been out campaigning for her, I stomped the grounds for her in South Carolina, Hillary has paid her dues and I congratulate her and support her. You know, running for the President of the United States is tough, and she had the courage to come back and try it again after losing to Barack. And I commend her for that, and I think that she deserves, America deserves, to have a female president."— Vivica A. Fox on Hillary Clinton.

"I have no problem stating my opinion. I'm a woman of my word and right now it's a beautiful time to be a black woman in Hollywood with the success of 'Scandal', 'How to Get Away With Murder', 'Empire', you just saw at the Tony awards it's so in, I love it. It's about time." — Vivica A. Fox on being a strong black woman in Hollywood.

"He's demanding, he challenges you, he pushes you, and I felt like a black Carrie because I was so covered in blood the majority of the fight scene, but he is the master of that genre and I was honored to work with Tarantino and the cast." — Vivica A. Fox on working with Quentin Tarantino on ‘Kill Bill’

Judd Hirsch

"Some people find that when they get older those parts get slimmer, for some reason I get these parts because, you know, I never play my age. The point is, don't play your age." — Judd Hirsch on finding roles as he gets older.

"I think it was because Roland Emmerich had a lot of other stuff that he wanted to do in between. I'm not sure how it worked out because Fox, as I said, always wanted to do it, right. And they'd wave hands at me and say see ya in the next one! When? He's gonna make it! And that was 18 times, they told me this every year." — Judd Hirsch about the long wait for the “Independence Day” sequel.

"Because Roland shoots it that way. He shoots it with the idea that you're gonna come up with something. He shoots it with the idea that he doesn't know what's going to happen. Isn't that a wonderful thing about a director. Technically he knows everything that's going to happen.. When he was working with me he kept thinking, all the time, what would you do next, you know? And I would say what are we doing? Where am I? He said don't worry and then all of the sudden the camera is rolling and I'm thinking well, let me think. If you think through his head you'll get it." — Judd Hirsch on working with Roland Emmerich

"They did it in an arena in New Mexico, they found you know like Madison Square Garden. They filled it with water, brought in old trucks, dumped them over, signs from streets and what not, they built the whole thing in three days. We shot that one little scene it took one day!" — Judd Hirsch on the practical effects in ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’.

"The history. There's an expectation about a movie like this, because it was one of the first, because it had something in it. I'll tell you what I think. What I think really the worthwhileness is about the fact that it starts off the world is one. The aliens are going to be the problem, we have world defense instead of wars, everybody has to be together. That's the basis of the movie." — Judd Hirsch on why the ‘Independance Day’ franchise is successful.

"The countries that would not show the movie are obvious, you know what I mean. The number of middle eastern countries that would not show this movie because [Jeff Goldblum] and I were [Jewish]." — Judd Hirsch on playing a Jewish main character alongside Jeff Goldblum.

I would have loved to have been on [ The Big Bang Theory] from the beginning. There's a tremendous, wonderful welcome...They're so good, and there's not an ego in sight. Isn't that wonderful to know? Nobody is taking over everything, nobody thinks they're any better, and they all play their parts." — Judd Hirsch on his role in ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

"Humor is one thing. Humor to me is the lightness of air, that's what it means actually, comedy is something where we're doing funny, we're doing funny. Lightness of air has to deal with what we live in. It's almost like saying, is there a comic, is there a funny, is there a humorous idea about something." — Judd Hirsch on finding the humor in life.

"We're here to express ourselves, and I think that if you've had a life like mine, which needed to express itself, somehow, and you could find it through what other people wrote, or you could find it through improvisation, or you can find it somehow, it's pouring out. You know what I mean?So you gotta act, so you gotta do something like that. I would love to direct too, but this way I think that If I can move somebody, that's the job. If you're moved, that's my job. If you're not, I'm just treading water." — Judd Hirsch on being an actor.

"It was like, what would you say, you get a present every week and you wonder what it's going to be."— Judd Hirsch on doing ‘Taxi’.

"He was about the most normal human being I've ever met, nothing like any of us. The most normal person, 'cause if you spoke, if you talked to him there was nothing weird about him. He didn't even express weird thoughts, never did. Only when he performed." — Judd Hirsch on his Taxi co-star Andy Kaufman.

"I do. I can't see how we're alone. Think of the millions and millions and millions of places that life could take place. Why not? It's almost like saying mathematics, mathematics has to work." — Judd Hirsch on if he believes in extraterrestrial life.