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NeNe Leakes on ‘Real Housewives,’ Trump & Ryan Murphy

Larry King NowJun 24 '16

NeNe Leakes joins Larry to talk all things 'Real Housewives,' including whether or not she'll return full-time to the popular franchise and just how "real" the show actually is. NeNe also discusses her success as an actor — both onscreen and onstage — and dishes on her one-time 'Celebrity Apprentice' boss Donald Trump.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on June 24th 2016:

"Being on stage brings out a whole 'nother side of me. When you're on stage and the curtains open, you have to go. There's no stop and rewind." – NeNe Leakes on acting on Broadway.

"I'm sure I will. I'm always there. It's the thing that opened up the doors of opportunity for me, so I'll never really leave." – NeNe Leakes on whether she will return full-time to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

"I was cleaning up and drinking wine – I was a stay-at-home mom – so I was cleaning up and drinking wine and she rang the doorbell and I go 'Hi! Come in!' and she said 'Oh my gosh, she has so much personality.' Well I had drank a whole bottle of wine before she got there! And so when she came in I was so happy and loopy and showing her around my house... my husband was there and I got into an argument with my husband. She was saying 'Oh my gosh, she's so great, I want to hire her now'!" – NeNe Leakes on being drunk when she auditioned for 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta.'

"I am afraid. I would much rather go do something for the people now who have passed away, than to go and host a party in the club." – NeNe Leakes on canceling a club event next month in Orlando.

"People ask me about him all the time and I always say: he's always – the person that I've known – he was always very true to who he was. That's what I liked about him. But he has spoken out now in ways that I just – I don't know who that person is." – NeNe Leakes on Donald Trump.

"I've never known him when I worked with him to be a racist. But some of the things he said, I could see why one would think that. While I worked with him – we've shot together, I've been around him many a time, I've been around his children – I've never known that. I've never felt that." – NeNe Leakes on whether or not Donald Trump is a racist.

"I've always liked Hillary. I liked her husband a lot. Of course I've always liked her husband." – NeNe Leakes on Hillary Clinton.

"I don't want to say who I'm supporting because I feel like when you talk about finances and you talk political, it always starts a lot of drama. I'm always a voter and I always encourage everyone to go out in vote. It doesn't matter who you vote for, just vote." – NeNe Leakes on who she's voting for.

"I love Atlanta. Atlanta for me is my home and is peace. Although I work in Los Angeles and New York City, Atlanta is peace." – NeNe Leakes on why she still lives in Atlanta.

"The drama is real... no one says 'mix it up with her' but I would have to say the producers do have a hand in kind of pushing the envelope a little bit. I don't think some of the things would possibly happen if the producers weren't in there making more things happen." – NeNe Leakes on whether or not the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ drama is fabricated.