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The Foster sisters on dad David Foster's many marriages

Larry King NowJul 15 '16

Sisters Erin and Sara Foster – stars and creators of the VH1 mock reality show, ‘Barely Famous’ – open up about their father David Foster’s multiple marriages, and what the multi-Grammy award winner is like as a father.

Larry: What was it like growing up a Foster?

Erin: Um, I mean I guess it's hard to compare because we don't know what it's like
to grow up anyone else.
Larry: And you have the same mother? David's had a few wives.
Erin: He is had – he is on –
Sara: He has had –
Erin: He just finished his fourth marriage.
Sara: Or fifth?
Erin: Four – fourth, right?
Sara: I believe. He's looking for his fifth.
Larry: He always wants to be married like me.
Sara: He's a –
Erin: It's so funny I said to him I was like, "you're done, right?" You can just hang out. And he goes, "No, I wanna get married again." He loves getting married!
Sara: Is that what he said to you?
Erin: Yeah, he's ready.

Larry: What is David Foster really like as a dad?
Erin: He's a really good dad. He calls me every day.
Sara: He does call he calls every day.
Erin: Sara ignores most of his calls.
Sara: I ignore a lot of the phone calls.
Larry: Why?
Sara: I'm not great with the phone but my dad is… he's a good dad.
Larry: Did it annoy you that he married a lot?
Erin: Look, it's not ideal. I think that the intention of any family is to stay together, and anytime you bring new elements in, and new people, everyone has a different agenda and a different expectation of what that family should be like. So obviously when you have a new woman in the picture, she's gonna raise her children differently then he's gonna raise his kids and then our mom is – there's a lot of moving parts and I think, I mean, it's for sure it's a big reason why I haven't gotten married yet, I'm 34 almost and it's sort of like a terrifying thought when you watch so many marriages break down and come back together.
Larry: How old were you when they broke up?
Sara: Five and three.
Sara: But we grew up living with our mom you know when parents get divorced, you kind of usually stay with the mom.
Larry: Was David a good father during that period?
Erin: Yeah I think we were young he was very busy and he did live with his wife at the time and her two boys we didn't I didn't live with him past the age of three so I think it wasn't perfect you know it wasn't perfect but –
Sara: But as an adult when I think you kind of need your parents the most I know for me the relationships I have with my mom and dad now as an adult and as a parent it's the most valuable relationship you can have. So I appreciate our relationship today far more.
Larry: When they ask my kids what's it like to be the children of Larry King they say they don't know they don't know any other life, you know? They don't know what to say to it.
Erin: I think also it as you become an adult as you grow up, you have to let your parents off the hook a little bit because I think you will have the best but you have someone on a pedestal and you want them to be all-knowing and perfect and know exactly how to love you the way you need to be loved and everyone is doing the best they can, you know? So our dad made mistakes when we were kids and as an adult we have conversations with him and if you have a parent just communicate with you and say like "I messed up I didn't do that right and I want to make up for it now." You kind of have to have a clean slate and start over because for me certainly I said to him I don't want to spend the rest of our lives punishing you for mistakes you made when we were kids. You gotta move on. You have to just like have a friendship as adults.
Sara: But we also like our dad to be married! We want a woman taking care of him. I don't want to be changing his diapers, you know what I'm saying? I want a woman to be there for him.
Erin: He's not there yet.
Sara: He's not there yet. But you want a woman to take care of your father.
Larry: Sure.
Sara: I mean that's what we want for him.