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The Foster sisters' relationship with the Hadids, Jenners, Kardashians

Larry King NowJul 15 '16

Erin and Sara Foster unravel their complex family web – that includes Gigi, Bella, and Yolanda Hadid, as well as Brandon and Brody Jenner, and indirectly the Kardashians – and discuss the relationship between the many famous clans.

Larry: Your family. You have step-sisters right? How many step-sisters do you have?
Erin: Currently we don't have any.
Sara: Yeah currently we have none but along the way we've accumulated many. I mean
the – Brandon and Brody who you probably have met. The Jenner boys.
Larry: Jenner boys.
Sara: My dad was married to their mom and we're still really close with them and I
Larry: You are?
Sara: Yeah yeah sure we were –
Larry: So you're linked to the Kardashians?
Sara: I guess through them.
Larry: And Brody Jenner is your ex step-brother?
Erin: Yeah but we were just with him when he they're really close with our dad. Our dad's a really good guy and he's obviously had a lot of step kids coming in and out of his life and he always maintains a really good relationship with them regardless of what happens in the marriage.
Larry: Do you ever have an all family get together?
Sara: We did.
Erin: We used to.
Sara: A couple years ago we all had Thanksgiving.
Sara: Yeah, together.
Larry: Who was the mother? All the mothers were there?
Sara: I think our mom was there.
Erin: There was a there was a period of time where – So our dad, you know, met Yolanda at her ex-husband's house so there's already – because they were friends so there was a time where our mom and her husband essentially were having Thanksgiving and Christmas at Mohamed's house, Yolanda's ex-husband, with my dad I mean it was like, very –
Sara: It's how it should be, really, I mean
Larry: Why not?
Sara: It's the ideal, ideal scenario.
Erin: You gotta make it work, right?