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Malcolm Gladwell on working for ‘The New Yorker’

Larry King NowJul 29 '16

New York Times-bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell traces his path to landing a job at ‘The New Yorker,’ and reveals who he thinks are more talented than the magazine’s writers.

Larry: What took you to the New Yorker?

Malcolm: I moved from the Washington Post to do... I became the New York bureau chief in here in New York and then I didn't want to go back to Washington. So I cast around for things to keep me in New York and I had started doing some freelancing for The New Yorker and so I finagled my way to getting a job with them.

Larry: Is that a very demanding place?

Malcolm: The New Yorker?

Larry: The fact checks are incr - they did a story on me and they fact-checked it with the world.

Malcolm: Yes, yeah the fact checkers are invariably smarter than the writer, work harder than the writer, and learn much more about the subject than the writer does. It is a demanding place. And the quality of, the quality of the editing you get at The New Yorker is unlike the edit quality of the editing anywhere else. I mean it's in a, it's in a whole different stratosphere.