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If You Only Knew: Vivica A. Fox

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If You Only Knew: Nick Cannon

Larry King NowAug 01 '16

Nick Cannon improvises his way through ‘If You Only Knew,’ revealing the rapper he’s dying to work with, the obscure instrument he wishes he were better at, and his secret talent.

King: We'll play a little game of If You Only Knew. I just throw some questions.

Cannon: Some improv, let's do it Larry.

King: Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

Cannon: Mariah Carey.

King: Secret talent?

Cannon: Ah I can take my thumb off, see that!

King: I'm Jewish don't do that. Who would you trade places with for a day?

Cannon: Ooh living, uhh, Barack Obama.

King: Someone you're dying to work with?

Cannon: Uhh dying to work with, Kendrick Lamar.

King: Something you regret?

Cannon: That I don't know what regret feels like.

King: Guilty pleasure? Cannon: Guilty pleasure? Candy, fruity candy.

King: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

Cannon: Professional accomplishment most proud of...being the youngest staff

writer in television history.

King: What characteristics do you most value in other people?

Cannon: Honesty. King: Something you wish you were better at?

Cannon: The piccolo.

King: Woo. I always wanted to train.Maybe the flute. Of all your gigs, which is the hardest?

Cannon: Ooh, stand up comedy. King: Best piece of advice you ever received

Cannon: Take no one's advice.

King: Something you long believed to be true and realized wasn't.

Cannon: Man, that question could get me in trouble.

King: I know what you... land of the free, home of the brave.

Cannon: Hey, there is. King: Tell me something people don't know about you.

Cannon: That I study six different martial arts.

King: Wow, so you could kill someone.

Cannon: I mean... King: You could kill someone with you hand?

Cannon: I've been training since I was about five years old.

King: So you could kill someone with your hand, you could!Don't laugh! you could!Cannon: I mean, I'm nice with mine Larry.