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Nick Cannon: Hillary, Trump don’t represent black communities

Larry King NowAug 01 '16

Nick Cannon says he doesn’t think either presidential candidate represents black communities, and that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to have to work to earn his vote.  

King: You say that you will not vote until...

Cannon: I said, we made a strong statement at the RNC,I said I ain't voting until Black Lives Matter, and I have many views on presidential politics when it comes to

it, I even did a spoken word piece that went viral called "Too Broke To Vote," and really speaking to the community and saying like this is a disenfranchised community that actually isn't truly

represented, especially in this two party system with the two candidates there

at the helm. So I'm saying like I'm not really interested in the pageantry. Local voting, understanding who our City Council is, understanding the propositions and things that are going on, definitely supporting that, but when it comes to that, that pageantry, that political apathy I'm not interested.

King: But if blacks stay home you're going to elect Trump.

Cannon: Nah, see do you,Larry do you really think it works that way? I personally don't feel that, you know, 'cause I've gotten a lot of responses were like well by not voting that's electing Trump.

King: Don't you think so?

Cannon: I don't think so, but also, and I'll say it today, I don't think Trump nor Hillary

represent our community. I mean as we both know that the President is not constitutionally

responsible for communities and that's where the issue is. The issue falls with, you know, whether we want to talk about racism or capitalism, these are the problems.King: The President can lead morality wise. Cannon: Yeah, that's exactly what they do, that's exactly what they do and to me neither candidate... the morality, not for me.

King: No?

Cannon: I mean at this point because they haven't spoken directly to our community,I don't trust them, I don't feel like they speak to me or you know the millennial generation in a very sincere way, and I think I my sentiments and how I feel is how a lot of people feel. A lot of people are really scared to say it, but I mean if we really truly... and as someone who's in these communities daily, you really think by just, you know, every four years we run to the post office and check a box and things are gonna change, that's not how it happens. So I actually really don't care who the President is, because I feel like I'm waking up every morning to better my

community in whatever way possible because it's gonna be some hardships,

it has been some hardships and we're going to continue to push forward regardless of who's in office. Because neither party is respecting our vote, and I'm not saying that I'm not going to vote,

I'm saying I'm not going to allow you to take my vote for granted, I'm not gonna

King: You wanna hear what they say.

Cannon: Yeah, convince me that, you know, I should vote for you because right now I don't believe in either candidate. King: How do you feel emotionally, when you see, and they capture it on video, a cop kill a guy who's unarmed.Whether he's black or white. Staten island guy was white. How do you, how do you feel emotionally?

Cannon: It's heartbreaking, but in as much as I attempt to live a fearless life, it's scary.

To know that that can happen to you. We're...

King: One bad apple spoils the bunch.

Cannon: Right. And to be know, I believe this has been going on for years.It's just the fact that now we have cameras and media to display, and the fact that sometimes there's no

repercussions or, you know, actual criminal repercussions, in a sense

from from our criminal justice system makes it even more scary, because

man if they feel like they can, even once we even once we've shown you the video and there's stillno indictment.

King: Don't believe your lying eyes.

Cannon: Yeah, it's like ok then,now we're just giving them too much power and again, I feel like we no longer have the value of life in itself

and you know a life is a life, we can scream black lives matter,

blue lives matter,all lives matter we all have a life,we all want to

get home safely and they're taking that right away from us.