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‘Game Change’ director: Palin paved the way for Trump

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Nick Cannon on “elitist” Donald Trump

Larry King NowAug 01 '16

Maintaining that he has a “great deal of respect” for the Republican presidential candidate, Nick Cannon says he has a hard time believing that unapologetic “elitist” Donald Trump is looking out for the little guy. 

King: How do you explain Donald Trump's success?

Cannon: Oh man it's, again, I have a great deal of respect for Donald Trump, but he's a reality star and it's interesting, it says so much about where we are as a country, but to have

someone to have this elitist mentality who's had it for quite some time, never been apologetic about it at all...

King: He'll tell ya.

Cannon: There's buildings with his name on the side of it all over this country, so for him to act as if he's speaking for you know...

King: The little guy. Cannon: The little guy. King: He's good at it right?

Cannon: But he's entertaining, I believe there's even a statement that he made, you know, a few years back, that he said if he were to run for President, he's gonna run with the Republican

party 'cause all he has to do is repeat the Fox News rhetoric and they'll elect him. And I feel like, yo, he told you guys what he's gonna do, that's what he's doing.