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Nick Cannon on Kevin Hart

Larry King NowAug 01 '16

Nick Cannon confesses he had no idea his close friend Kevin Hart would become one of the world’s biggest comedians, recalling a time when they were young comics “telling jokes for dinner.”

King: Did you know Kevin Hart would make it big?

Cannon: No. I didn't, honestly, I'm not gonna lie, 'cause he's actually one of

best friends in life and I didn't know myself or him would reach the levels that we've reached.We were literally young guys in the comedy club just you know, telling jokes for for dinner.

King: Where? Cannon: We... everywhere out here. The Comedy Store, the Improv. King: Where are you from originally?

Cannon: Originally I'm from San Diego, California.I moved around quite a bit to the East

Coast and North Carolina, but I was born in San Diego. King: You are surprised at Kevin's success?

Cannon: I'm pleasantly surprised 'cause we always had dreams, but I don't think myself or him thought we would reach this level, we just wanted to be the guys, well-known comedians,

that was really the goal.