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Spike Lee: Why I Called Out Hollywood Over Racial Inequality

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Nick Cannon plans to make $200 million “African epic”

Larry King NowAug 01 '16

Tired of seeing slave films, Nick Cannon tells Larry he plans to make a $200 million “African epic” that celebrates black history. 

Cannon: My goal, and I'm doing this, is to make an African epic. You know I got on my soapbox...

King: Like "Roots?" Cannon: No. The opposite of "Roots" Larry.I actually got on my soapbox recently and said I'm tired of seeing slave movies.I feel like that's something that’s constantly perpetuated and pushed forward and it's like okay we get it. And I, you know to me personally, I like to receive my history from books, I don't really want to see actors acting it out and studios profiting off of, you know the bloodshed of slavery.

King: But it's good to be reminded

Cannon: Is it though?So, to your point.

King: From a Holocaust standpoint, yes.

Cannon: Right, right. You know and I feel like they don't oversaturate Hollywood with Holocaust

films, you do some really solid... like I'm a huge fan of "Roots," I'm not that big a fan of "Roots" part four. You know what I mean. Like I don't need to keep seeing the same story over, but as

a content creator… King: You want to do a Black epic of?

Cannon: An African epic.

King: Historical.

Cannon: Yeah, we love "Game of Thrones," we love 300, why not. There's some great African warriors of our ancestors from Musa, to Nefertiti, to these things

that can be told in a way and can bring as much attention in a huge

audience as any of these other comic book films and these epics that are being portrayed about characters that aren't really represented from our community. So that's my goal,I'm gonna step out. I gonna make a 200 million dollar African epic, and everybody's gonna love it.