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Keegan-Michael Key on black communities and the police

Larry King NowAug 10 '16

Comedian Keegan-Michael Key says the issue between African-American communities and the police is a lack of communication, and that the problem is less about racism than it is about ignorance.

Larry: Black Lives Matter drew out of things like Alton Sterling, Philando Castile. What do you feel when you hear those stories? They drive me berserk.

Keegan: It makes me crazy that nobody that nobody's communicating and that I'm hearing more and more now about these programs that are happening in certain cities: Dallas in particular. Where there are cities where you're having community meetings, you're having town halls with police officers and members of the community. I think that's always what - that's the only way to solve anything because the problem is clearly systemic. But the problem, the problem isn't even racism as much as it's ignorance. It's the fact that as a citizen I don't understand exactly what a police officer goes through, and as a police officer they don't understand exactly what I'm going through. And if there's any way that we can interface or have it happen - it - that should be a matter of course I think in society that we should sit down frequently and have people talk to each other about, well, when you do this it I feel that way or that could be a trigger for this kind of stressor for me. Otherwise - but instead what we do is we yell at each other and one of us has a gun and the other one doesn't. So that cooler heads don't seem to be prevailing in our society right now. Where there was a lot of kind of discourse and people used to take a breath before they spoke and it doesn't happen anymore.