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Keegan-Michael Key on blackness

Larry King NowAug 10 '16

Keegan-Michael Key discusses how he and Jordan Peele skewered race on their critically-acclaimed sketch comedy series ‘Key and Peele,’ explaining that they wanted to help people understand that “the African-American experience isn’t a monolith.”

Larry: It's a comedy show but you're saying something deeper on it, right?

Keegan: Yeah, I mean for us it was originally we just wanted to make the show as unique as we could, we wanted to make sure that all we were doing was was doing comedy that made us laugh. And in turn, what ended up happening was that there's this weird voice, this interesting voice that people had not heard before. And subsequently I kept on thinking about it and I thought well the most important thing is making everybody understand that the African-American experience isn't a monolith. That certain black people say to other black people "Oh, you're not black." or "You're not as black as I am." There's no such thing as "black as I am." What it means is you're culturally different than I am and and so for us it's always that's that was breaking the cipher is finally being able to say, okay, well let's portray this kind of African-American that kind of - yeah.

Larry: Can you get away with things others don't?

Keegan: Yeah, I think so. Because I think because we're biracial we can. I think it's - we're like referees we're looking at the best way to examine any part of society because we because we've always been looking at it that way when we were younger.