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Keegan-Michael Key rips apart ‘Make America Great Again’

Larry King NowAug 10 '16

Reflecting on his bit for Stephen Colbert as the only black delegate at the RNC, Keegan-Michael Key says that “the America that used to exist can’t and never will” as our population only continues to become more diverse. The ‘Key and Peele’ creator and star adds that he hopes society has progressed so far in 75 years that kids watching his show will no longer find it funny, because they won’t understand it.

Larry: You recently played the only black delegate at the RNC in a bit with Stephen Colbert. What does that say about the state of this whole election?

Keegan: I think what we're dealing with are - is people keep saying there's an America there - that let's take America back. Let's get America back at the RNC. I lets, you know, let's - I miss my America.

Larry: What is that?

Keegan: Well, to me, it's the Stone Age is what it is to me. The America that used to exist can't and never will. If you try to rest that back into existence, it's not going to work because history is against you. The browning of America is never going to stop. It's not going to stop. It - in fact, in regard to our show so people ask me sometimes, "what's the what's the greatest thing that could happen to your show?" I said the greatest thing that could happen to my show, is that a kid watches something on whatever the equivalent of YouTube is 75 years from now and goes, "why is this funny?" "I don't understand this." The greatest thing that's happened in the last five years was me watching this Cheerios commercial with the interracial couple and then people watch these children interview children and said, "So what's – is anything weird about the commercial?" and all the kids said, "Well, the dad is taking a nap and it's like, shouldn't you be at work?" They never comment on the fact the dad's black and the mom's white. They don't care. They don't understand that. They don't comprehend it.

Larry: That's so fast that change.

Keegan: That fast. So if that - that's not going to stop happening. In fact, it's gonna keep happening exponentially more there's more inter - more interracial racial relationships, more mixed children, and we're looking at the world from a different perspective. They can't there are issues that are in Congress right now the people are screaming and railing about - they're 50 year old issues there are RFK, JFK issues. This is the 21st century.

Larry: More than a hundred celebrities have launched a campaign to stop Trump is called 'United Against Hate.' Bryan Cranston who was just here, Jane Fonda, are among them. Are you gonna join?

Keegan: I'll join I'll join. He can talk to me, I'll join. What's it called?

Larry: 'United Against Hate'

Keegan: Against hate! I love it. I'm in there. I'm your guy. Bryan, Jane, I'm in. Tell me - tell me where to sign up.

Larry: Do you fear a Trump election?

Keegan: I, um, I do not. I really do not because I think what happens is the way that we make the news work - you can speak to this more than I can seems the way we make the news work is - is we cut out the boring because – but the boring is necessary. And we just go to the extremes and that's what we put on the news. So everybody thinks that what I see on TV is what's existing in America. There's a whole middle there's a whole middle of the spectrum of people who are sensible, who care about their children, who want there to be fiscal stability. All those people have not been - we - they've not weighed in. They don't - they won't weigh in until November. They don't weigh in because they're not they don't make interesting news. People who solve problems are boring. They don't make interesting news. People who rail and scream, that's that's going to sell advertising.