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Watch Keegan-Michael Key nail his Cory Booker impression

Larry King NowAug 10 '16

Comedian and shape-shifter Keegan-Michael Key has no problem slipping into a spot-on Cory Booker impression, dissecting how he pieced the impersonation together as he does it. Plus, Key teases his take on vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

Larry: @mrosemn wants to ask if you can do a Cory Booker impression?

Keegan: I you know the thing about Cory Booker is the big thing about Cory Booker see I'm working on it - is he's got to have really big eyes and there's something about the way speaking that sometimes sounds like there's something stuck inside of his mouth but he's trying to get it out like he's talking and there's a grapefruit kind of stuck in there little bit but he's also always he's also saying, there's - everything he says it's always saying, "you know what I mean?" There's, do you know... there's are feeling of, "do you know what I mean, guys?" Do you know what I mean? And when he became the mayor of Newark I remember in that documentary about him, remember 'Street Fight'? He was just like, "No! Oh no! No I never meant - No I'm - " He's always, I feel like he's always trying to explain something. Like somebody always caught him like, "Did you just step on that bug?" "No I didn't step on the bug! I didn't step on the bug! That bug happened to be there. That was all that was all timing and that just happened to happen!" I mean he's excited all the time, all the time. I can't even imagine being in a cabinet meeting with him.

Larry: What a Vice President choice he would have been. He would've stole to show.

Keegan: He would have stole the show. I think and there's something about Tim Kaine I like it's very kind of - I'm gonna work on Tim. I'm gonna watch them tonight so I can get to get more of a sensitivity. Because there's a real nice

Larry: He's a very nice - I know him a long time.

Keegan: He just seems like a lovely sweet guy.