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Brandi Chastain on equal pay in women's sports

Larry King NowAug 12 '16

Soccer superstar Brandi Chastain weighs in on the fight for equality in women's sports, specifically noting that she thinks equal pay for female athletes in general will happen "pretty soon."

Chastain: We have a great luxury being female athletes in the world of sports because our country is progressive, more progressive than other countries about the participation and the acceptance of women in sport, even though we're still talking about equal pay. 

King: Yeah, why are we behind in that? 

Chastain: I think – I think like most things, I mean you probably have talked about it many times in politics too. It's, you know, changing people's perception, and sometimes it's cultural, you know. Those things take time. You don't turn those things around overnight. But, I feel we're closer than we've ever been, and I feel in my lifetime pretty soon that will – will happen.