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If You Only Knew: Sheila E.

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If You Only Knew: Brandi Chastain

Larry King NowAug 12 '16

Brandi Chastain plays a round of ‘If You Only Knew,’ opening up about her proudest accomplishments, her biggest pet peeves, and best piece of advice she's ever received. 

King: Ok, let's play a little game of "If You Only Knew." 

Chastain: Ok. 

King: Toughest team you competed against? 

Chastain: Brazil. 

King: Most underrated soccer player ever? 

Chastain: Michelle Akers.

King: Member of team USA who will emerge as the star of the Olympics? 

Chastain: Julie Johnson and Mallory Pugh. I had to give two, sorry. 

King: Earliest soccer memory? 

Chastain: Scoring a goal with my left foot. I think I was ten years old against the San Jose Rovers at Steinbeck Park.

King: And strong. 

Chastain: Yeah, haha.

King: If not soccer, then what? 

Chastain: Anything physical.

King: Biggest pet peeve? 

Chastain: Rude people. 

King: Toughest defender you ever faced?

Chastain: Probably Joy Fawcett from the U.S. Women's National team.

King: The most nervous you got before a game? 

Chastain: When I was – I used to be a bench player in 1991 for the Women's World

Cup. My first time the coach said you're gonna go into the World Cup, I thought I was gonna throw up. Yeah. Haha.

King: Feeling you had during the national anthem after your first gold medal? 

Chastain: Immense pride. 

King: Best piece of advice you ever got? 

Chastain: My grandfather, he used to give me a dollar when I scored a goal, but a dollar-fifty when I made an assist. It was better to give than receive. 

King: Funniest fan encounter?

Chastain: Oh, young men wearing sports bras. 

King: Toughest crowd you ever faced?

Chastain: In Brazil, they are- that's a tough crowd. 

King: Favorite stadium you ever played in?

Chastain: Oh gosh the Rose Bowl. 

King: Something you know now that you wish you knew earlier in your career?

Chastain: That fitness does make a difference in the outcome, and that nutrition really can – can change the way you play.