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Sharon Osbourne on NBC executives treatment of son Jack:

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Jack Osbourne on Ozzy & Sharon's recent separation and reconciliation

Larry King NowAug 15 '16

Jack Osbourne updates Larry on his parent's 2016 separation and reconciliation, and discusses why, despite some bumps in the road, their relationship has lasted so long.

King: Your mother and father are back together right? Osbourne: Yes.

King: Sharon announced that.

Osbourne: Yes.

King: How long were they apart?

Osbourne: As far as like officially, I don't really know. I've got my own family, my own marriage to maintain. I was just like, all right, you guys, whatever you're gonna do just do it. I'm staying out of it.

King: You're adults now so you can handle this thing.

Osbourne: Exactly.

King: They're an unusual couple, right?

Osbourne: They are.

King: Both smart.

Osbourne: Both smart, both very passionate, and both very hard-headed, so when you have that combination it can get tumultuous at times.

King: Does the family remain close?

Osbourne: Yes. Most weekends we are together with my kids and Kelly and we usually go get lunch or something.

King: And when they were separated, you still were close, right?

Osbourne: Yeah. Like I said, their business is their business. I can't put myself into their relationship. So whatever's going on, that's the most intimate levels.

King: But you're glad they're back.

Osbourne: I am, of course. Maybe selfishly.