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EXCLUSIVE: Hozier with Guest Host Kelly Osbourne

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What kind of grandparents are Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne?

Larry King NowAug 15 '16

Jack Osbourne dishes on the joys of fatherhood and hilariously details Ozzy and Sharon's relationship with his two young daughters.

King: What's it like for yourself being a father?

Osbourne: I have a lot of fun being a father. I take a lot of pride in my kids and spending time with them and doing as many things with them as I can.

King: Two little girls, huh?

Osbourne: Two little girls, yep.

King: Four and one.

Osbourne: Four and one.

King: What kind of grandparents are Ozzy and Sharon?

Osbourne: My parents spoil the crap out of my kids. Like any time they come over it's like toys and clothes and this and we're literally, my wife and I, like 'stop.' Like stop.

King: That's what grandparents do though.

Osbourne: Exactly.

King: And they don't have the bad. They go home. Did you learn a lot the way you were raised? The way you know how some people say they raise your children the way you were raised. I'm finding I do things my motherused to do to me that I hated and I do now to my kids.

Osbourne: I probably do a lot of things. I'm way more structured with my kids than my parents were with me but I also do like kind of risky. You know, I'll take Pearl surfing and she's four. You know and do stuff. Like my dad was always kind of like, 'Oh, they can do it, they're fine,' and my mom was always
very protective of like letting us do things that might have been a little bit too mature for us at our age. So I tend to be a bit more risky with the kids as far as exposing them to certain things.