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Jeff Bridges wore his own clothes in ‘The Big Lebowski’

Larry King NowAug 17 '16

Further feeding people’s suspicions that Jeff Bridges essentially is “the Dude,” the Academy Award-winning actor tells Larry King that much of the clothing he’s seen wearing in ‘The Big Lebowski’ was taken from his closet.

King: Was much of the attire you wore on Big Lebowski your own clothing?

Bridges: Yeah, a lot of it was. Those jellies were mine, those shoes were mine.So were those t-shirts.

King: Usually they have costumes.

Bridges: Mary Zophres's the costumer for a lot of the Coen Brothers films. She came over to my house and I said, "Why don't you come up to my closet. Let's just look around. I know this stuff fits me" and she goes "oh this, this."

King: Coen Brothers are wild, aren't they?

Bridges: Oh yeah. What masters.