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If You Only Knew: Jason Biggs

Larry King NowAug 03 '16

Jason Biggs, star of the new film ‘Amateur Night,’ plays a round of Larry King’s signature trivia game, 'If You Only Knew' The actor, known for the ‘American Pie’ franchise, surprises us with his answers regarding his guilty pleasure and secret talent.

King: We're going to play a game of If You Only Knew. All right I'll just throw

some questions at you.

King: Secret talent?

Biggs: Tap dance. I can still do a time step with the best of them.

King: Is there a movie that made you want to be an actor?

Biggs: Oh boy. You know, I've been doing it for so long, that there wasn't one that sort of said that's what makes me want to, I want to do this, but I'm a big Marx Brothers fan and those guys inspired my sort of comedy growing up, I would say.

King: Who are you still dying to work with?

Biggs: Boy, the list is so long, it's more filmmakers, I guess, than anything.

King: What directors?

Biggs: Yeah, yeah, Wes Anderson.

King: I figured that. Guilty pleasure?

Biggs: "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette."

King: You watch them?

Biggs: I sure do! And that's why I'm guilty about it, geez, 'causeof that reaction.

King: That's right. I watch Spongebob. Anyway, it's hysterical. Characteristic

you value most in others?

Biggs: Generosity.

King: What makes you angry?

Biggs: Impolite people.

King: What makes you laugh every time?

Biggs: The Marx Brothers. You know I was reading about Henny Youngman on the way over here, I don't know why, 'cause i was just doing an

interview with my wife earlier and I almost had an opportunity to make the Henny Youngman joke, take my wife please, and I missed it and then I got into it and I got into an Internet k-hole

reading about Henny Youngman,did you ever interview him?

King: Oh I knew Henny well. Of course, I've interviewed 60,000 people.

Biggs: I know, Imean of course.

King: Henny, his act made no sense, he would go on a little violin.

Biggs: Violin.

King: The jokes, one did not lead into the next, Woody Allen thought he was the

funniest man who ever lived.

Biggs: Yep.

King: And he just had this… the doctor says to the guy

you're going to live till you’re 60. The guy says I am 60,

what'd I tell you. That's Henny. Man comes home finds

his wife in bed with another guy. Know what he said? Harvey,

I have to but you?

Biggs: My wife, such a good cook, she cooks for a king. Come here

King! Here King come here!

King: Best piece of advice you ever got?

Biggs: It was probably from Judd actually. Actually one time...

King: Judd Hirsch.

Biggs: Judd Hirsch, yeah. I don't know why he had this t-shirt printed up for me once,

that said take ten, expect five, you get three. Or you ask for ten, expect five, you get three.

And I remember I’m 12 years old going, ok so I gotta lower my expectations, all right fair enough, I get it.

King: Something we should be paying more attention to?

Biggs: Oh boy, that's a great question. I don't know what do you think we should be paying more attention to? Pure deflection right there, it's an old tactic. It's an old interview tactic Larry, don't worry about it.

King: What's wrong with the world, anyway. What do people get wrong about Hollywood?

Biggs: The people. People are always complaining about the people. You know like all the people in Hollywood.I have some of the best friends and family.

King: I think it's a great town.

Biggs: It's a great town. I think it's a great town.

King: What's something people don't know about you.

Biggs: That I'll obsess, I have an obsessive personality.

King: So you'llobsess over what?

Biggs: Anything, could be after this interview I'll leave and I'll say what did I say, did I have some good ones? Did I maybe upset Larry?

King: You question yourself.

Biggs: Oh yeah, constantly questioning myself.