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Jason Biggs on marriage, elections & ‘American Pie’ legacy

Larry King NowAug 03 '16

Jason Biggs stops by Larry’s studio to promote his latest screen outing, ‘Amateur Night.’ What follows is a candid chat between the two, discussing topics ranging from marriage, the 2016 elections, and that infamous scene from 'American Pie.'

Jason Biggs stops by Larry’s studio to promote his latest screen outing, ‘Amateur Night.’ What follows is a candid chat between the two, discussing topics ranging from marriage, the 2016 elections, and that infamous scene from “American Pie.”

Jason Biggs discusses his newest film, ‘Amateur Night,’ and goes in depth about the story behind the movie and what it was like to work with a husband and wife team, as well as with his own wife. From acting with his wife, to raising their son together, Biggs goes in depth about his marriage to actress and author Jenny Mollen. Biggs reveals that they always try to put their marriage first in every project they do, but aren’t above exploiting their marriage for laughs. Biggs also talks about the infamous time his wife ordered him a hooker, and how the story lives on in his wife’s book.

Not known for holding back when it comes to his opinions, Biggs also discusses the 2016 election, calling it a “joke.” But Biggs gets serious when he talks about the culture of fear that surrounds Republican nominee Donald Trump and how he doesn’t think Trump is the right man for the job.

Biggs also discusses the scene that has followed him throughout his career, the infamous pie scene in the teen comedy “American Pie.” Biggs explains what it was like the go through with the scene and also reveals when he knew “American Pie” was going to be a hit. 


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on AUGUST 3RD 2016:

"My wife and I were talking about her this morning 'cause she really pops. She's really funny. You know, these Disney kids, they like grow up doing this, they have something about them that's just... they're just like these little professionals."— Jason Biggs on working with former Disney star Ashley Tisdale.

"I was a little nervous because, you know, we've been sort of reluctant to do things together. We've had some other opportunities and it was kind of a slow burn... We're married first and foremost, you know, and we want to sort of keep that safe and protected. We're both very strong personalities, we're both very stubborn, and that gets us into plenty of trouble off of a set, at home we have to deal with that in our own way." — Jason Biggs on working with his wife on Amateur Night.

"We'd only been together maybe a year or two, but we had kinda been talking about doing something kinda crazy and fun and we had a vegas trip planned and so we kind of, I forget who brought the idea up, probably me, but she decided to move forward with it. And the truth of the matter is, it sounds more scandalous and lascivious than it really was, I mean the truth is it became, and it's actually in her first book, if anything it was more for the story than anything else, and it became a wonderful story because everything that could go wrong did go wrong. It just became a sort of joke."— Jason Biggs on the infamous time his wife got him a hooker.

"I love being serious, I love doing dramatic acting, but there's something about comedy that's just... first of all, it's a special skill, to make someone laugh and there's a certain rush that I get, a high that comes from making people laugh." — Jason Biggs on comedy.

"We're very honest, we like to, you know, exploit our marriage for laughs because at the end of the day neither of us take ourselves too seriously and we're very respectful of our relationship and our family and we know where the line is that can't be crossed, or so we think, but we're willing to, I think, go further than most people would." — Jason Biggs on the radio show he shares with his wife, Jenny Mollen.

"Well there's a vulnerability, there's something about being exposed in that way and feeling like eyes are always on you, I mean obviously I have it to the degree that I have it, and there are people that have it to a much different degree." — Jason Biggs on fame.

"I mean there's no anger associated with it, but I will say this, and I'm sure you found this, that being recognized and being famous, it brings out the best in a lot of people and I have some wonderful exchanges with fans and it's a terrific thing... but it also brings out the worst in people too." — Jason Biggs on fan interactions.

"Tap dance. I can still do a time step with the best of 'em." — Jason Biggs on his secret talent.

Jason Biggs: "'The Bachelor' and ''The Bachelorette.'"
Larry King: "You watch them?"
Jason Biggs: "Sure do. And that's why I'm guilty about it, geez, 'cause of that reaction." — Jason Biggs on his guilty pleasure.

"You know, twitter for me was originally this sort of outlet for me to make jokes, as it is for a lot of people. You know, I have kind of a dark sense of humor, just kind of an edgier sense of humor, that I learned, it took a little while and a couple of sort of backlashes, now granted the timing was horrible and I still think it was a complete overreaction, but what I have since learned is that that's going to happen. And you gotta be careful what you put out there because it will come back. And it's only getting worse." — Jason Biggs on his controversial tweeting.

"It's kinda crazy, I think. Yeah, I mean Trump is just, the fear factor is such a... I'm scared of that. I'm scared at how afraid he's making everybody, you know, and the truth is like there are things to be scared about, I get that, but the way he's playing them makes me think that he's not the guy to be able to sort of deal with it." — Jason Biggs on the 2016 election.

"I was bummed because I had my... I went in with, you know, the expectations weren't great for me in terms of where my character would go. It was never supposed to be even past the one season. But then as they started, as the writers started to find ways to keep me in, which was wonderful, I started to have my expectations built and so it was kind of, it came out of left field." — Jason Biggs on leaving “Orange is the New Black.”

"He couldn't believe it. Was obviously fine with it, but then I was, it was the butt of the joke everyday. He would come in and be like 'and this guy, who isn't Jewish." — Jason Biggs on breaking the news to Woody Allen that he isn’t Jewish.