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Jason Biggs on that infamous scene from ‘American Pie’

Larry King NowAug 03 '16

How does Jason Biggs like being known as the "pie guy"? The actor is refreshingly candid while discussing with Larry King the legacy of that infamous scene from the original ‘American Pie’ movie.

King: Are you sick of talking about the scene with you and the pie?

Biggs: Can I be honest with you?

King: Please. Biggs: I am so thrilled to be here right now talking with you Larry about the pie scene. I've talked about it for almost 20 years, I've talked about it in every which way.

King: I've never seen it.

Biggs: I love that, is that true? I

believe that.

King: Absolutely true. Why would I lie?

Biggs: My wife hadn't seen it when we met. And actually didn't see it until aboutsix or seven years into our relationship.

King: So why are you particularly thrilled about talking to me about it?

Biggs: Because I'm a huge fan of yours.

King: Oh. Biggs: Huge fan of yours.

King: Alright. Biggs: I have been for many, many years Larry.

King: I'm thrilled. Biggs: And I'm thrilled to be here. I just made a post on my social media about this being a bucket list for me. It's true.

King: In the scene you make love to a pie?

Biggs: Yes, thank you. *Laughs* This is awesome.

King: It's followed you yourentire career.

Biggs: It sure has.

King: When they proposed it, how did you react?

Biggs: Well you know, when I first read it in the script I laughed hysterically, I thought it was brilliant. You know, this was 1998 and it was kind of the summer of the teen comedy. You know,

they had sort of... you know there were the Porky's and those movies that had happened in the

seventies, and then kind of there was a new resurgence of these films like 15-20 years later and I was auditioning for every single one of them. I was new to LA, I read them all, auditioned for them all, would have been thrilled to get any of them, was happy to get a callback for any of them, would have happily taken any, there was no choosing.

King: I get it, of course.

Biggs: But I read this script and it definitely stood out from all of the others and I remember thinking like boy it'd be great to get this one. You know, especially. But obviously whatever I can get and I got that one.And I was thrilled going into it,thinking oh my god I want to do something. 'Cause I'd never seen anything like that, I've been reading all these scripts that year, nothing. So I was like, this is going to be pretty great. Cut to the day of, I'm calling my manager freaking out,

going am I really gonna, am I really gonna do this, 'cause what if no one sees?What if this bombs, what if no one sees it, but I'm still the guy that did that? Put myself out there in such a

crazy way.