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Jason Biggs on the surprise success of ‘American Pie’

Larry King NowAug 03 '16

Jason Biggs, star of the new film ‘Amateur Night,’ sounds off on the film that made him a household name, ‘American Pie.’ In this clip from his interview with Larry King, the actor reveals that he had a sense the movie would find its place in cinematic history, despite being known as the "pie guy."

King: You knew that once you did this, that would carry through for years.

Biggs: There was a sense. I had a sense of this from the moment I read this script, because it was so in another planet. It's so stood out to me and then gradually it started coming together even more. Once we were on set and the cast was assembled and we started doing these scenes and more new stuff started coming and improvising and Eugene Levy steps in as my father and all of these sort of magical...

King: He's hysterical.

Biggs: The best. All these magical moment start sort of happening and there's this buzz, even

around set, that it's like this could be something kind of cool, but remember also, it was a studio

film, but by their standards this was really small. This is a very small movie, for the first film, there was like no studio executives even came near the set.

King: But it was a hit.

Biggs: It was basically, but yeah and then that changed for all the sequels. King:

Did it get good reviews? What made it take off?

Biggs: The reviews were good. I remember Peter Travers at Rolling Stone loved it and that was kind of big, we used we used that one quite a bit, but the big thing that sort of, the really big thing where we all knew that this was going to be something, was they released a red band trailer which at the time was a very big deal, you know there was no... the internet was

just kind of getting going, and so it was in the theaters, you know you're used to seeing these green things following previews coming up, coming up and then all the sudden there's this bright red one and then it goes into the trailer for our movie and includes a quick clip of me on top of the pie, getting caught by Eugene. And so there was some discussion about that, because

people were concerned that we were giving away the biggest joke in the movie too soon,

it ended up being everyone was talking about it, going nuts for it.