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Larry King gives Jason Biggs advice on how to handle fame

Larry King NowAug 03 '16

Legendary broadcaster Larry King provides actor Jason Biggs with some sound advice on how to handle fame and public recognition. The ‘American Pie’ star discusses the stress but also the glory associated with celebrity.

King: You have called fame stressful in the past, you have anxiety about public recognition, why?

Biggs: Well, there's a vulnerability, you know, that there's something about being exposed in that way and feeling like eyes are always on you.I mean obviously I have it to the degree that I have it, and there are people that have it too a much different degree, I think you're probably

one of the most recognizable people in the world, I mean you must get it all the time, and yet what I love aboutyou is that you're at Nate 'n Al's every morning aren't ya.

King: And I go to my bagel store. But I'll tell you the truth, Sinatra told me this,

Biggs: What'd he say?

King: Just be yourself. Just, hey,people gonna recognize you.

Biggs: Yeah.

King: You chose to go into a business in which you would be recognized.

Biggs: Exactly right.

King: Why're you mad?

Biggs: I know you're sayingwhat Sinatra told you and and I'll tell you what Sinatra told me in a minute.

King: Sinatra also told me there's a lot of name-dropping.

Biggs: Yeah, I'm not mad. I mean there's no anger associated with it, but I will say this, and I'm sure you found this, that being recognized, and being famous,it brings out the best in a lot of

people, and I have some wonderful exchanges with fans and it's a terrific thing and I'm incredibly flattered when I get recognized 'cause it's you know, and by the way the day

goes away, is the day I'm really complaining, you know, like I get it, I totally get it, and am appreciative of all the support. But it also brings out the worst in people too. I mean there

is some, you know, and I don't know, I mean things are probably getting worse because of social media.

King: Taking pictures with phones.

Biggs: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. The pictures, it can be rude, intrusive, and also just people have

expectations as well, I think where if you don't sort of meet them, you know, to what their expectations were, they get angry, quick.