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Did Larry King just agree to do the Eric Andre Show?

Larry King NowAug 05 '16

Eric Andre explains how he manages to book celebrity guests on his bizarre, disturbing talk show and, even after telling Larry that Jimmy Kimmel’s appearance involved someone tickling his nether regions, Larry agrees to come on as a guest.

Larry: So when you get a, you know, Kimmel's coming, what do you plan?

Eric: Kimmel we had a PA under his seat tickling his taint. The entire, the entire interview. The taint is the perineum.

Larry: Are any -

Eric: The root chakra.

Larry: The guests know they're gonna have this?

Eric: And he's now enlightened.

No, no the guests aren't in on the pranks.

Larry: Well, they know - once you've established a fame of some sort. They're gonna know they're gonna be pranked.

Eric: You know what? I people don't do their research and we kind of purposely book guests that we assume have never seen the show.

Larry: So if you had called me -

Eric: Yeah. You'd be a great guest.

Larry: I would be.

Eric: Well, you did research so you wouldn't be as great. But when someone is tickling your taint, you know, it's a rush. Yeah, whether you know the show or not, you're gonna have a reaction.

Larry: But how, when you book the guest -

Eric: It's very intimate.

Larry: what do you tell them about the show?

Eric: We tell them - over the seasons we tell them less and less and less and this season, I didn't tell the guests anything. They were like meeting me on camera for the first time.

Larry: What does the producer tell the guest?

Eric: They're like a it's a wacky talk show, just be yourself!

Larry: You'll have a lot of fun.

Eric: Yeah, and then it's...

Larry: Where do you do it?

Eric: In North Hollywood. Well, we do the street stuff, so we do like hidden camera street pranks we do that New York in Manhattan and Brooklyn and then we do the, we interview the guests here.

Larry: With a studio audience?

Eric: No, we don't do a studio audience. We do a fake studio audience.

Larry: That's what I mean I've heard some -

Eric: Yeah, because we have, we like canned laughter I think that's better. You got to come on the show.

Larry: How many - I'll come on - how many -

Eric: I'm nude a lot. There's a lot of male nudity.

Larry: I won't do that.

Eric: You won't do full frontal on my show? Well I'm insulted.