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Eric Andre on the infamous Lauren Conrad walk off

Larry King NowAug 05 '16

Eric Andre gets candid about why T.I. walked off his talk show, and opens up about the infamous Lauren Conrad episode in which Eric vomited on his desk. Plus, Larry plays Eric at his own game.

Larry: How many people have walked off?

Eric: We've only had two walk offs.

Larry: Who walked off?

Eric: We had Lauren Conrad walk off and we had T.I. walk off.

Larry: And what we're doing at the time?

Eric: T.I. there was a lot of male nudity in his interview.

Lauren Conrad, I vomited on the desk.

Larry: Yeah I saw that.

Eric: Yeah, just really low brow stuff.

Larry: You had the vomit in your mouth?

Eric: Yeah.

Larry: What was it you spit out?

Eric: Well, you know, she was talking to my co-host, Hannibal, and as she was talking to him I had a little cup of oatmeal. So I put it in my mouth and I came back up and thenwhen she turned back at me I just went, "Bleh!” And it's really hot in our studio.

Larry: She got disgusted?

Eric: She got disgusted.

Larry: Now what is the point of that, Eric?

Eric: What is the point of anything? What is the point -

Larry: What's it all about?

Eric: What is it all about?

Larry: What does it mean?

Eric: What does it mean? Yeah, exactly. Existence is meaningless. Or or are we all connected?

Larry: Or are we here?

Eric: Or are we really here? Is this a dream that we're gonna wake up from?

Larry: Is this all a dream?

Eric: I don't know. I don't know the answers. And that's -

Larry: What this planet that we're spinning on?

Eric: What is it?

Larry: Where is it?

Eric: It's just a little marble in the middle of a solar system that's on the outskirts of the Milky Way...

Larry: Who is Donald Trump? Who is he?

Eric: Who is Donald Trump?

Larry: Does he exist?

Eric: Does he really exist?

Larry: I get where you're going.

Eric: Is he Barbara Bush with a mask on?

Larry: Could be.

Eric: Could be.

Larry: She always wanted it.

Eric: She is gorgeous. I would make love to Barbara Bush. Let's do it on the show.