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Eric Andre on Trump, Hillary, & crashing the RNC

Larry King NowAug 05 '16

Eric Andre – host of Adult Swim’s ‘The Eric Andre Show’ – says he thinks Donald Trump ran for president as a goof and that Hillary Clinton “has blood on her hands,” and gets real about his experience at the Republican National Convention.

Larry: What do you think of Donald Trump? I think he is like the bad guy from like a Batman movie, but in real life.

Larry: In real life?

Eric: And I think he's fantastic. He's very entertaining.

Larry: In other words he's an enemy of Metropolis?

Eric: He strikes me like that. I think he is a little narcissistic. I think he's a spoiled rich kid that grew up. I think this is what happened: I don't know if you ever saw the movie 'Putney Swope.' Robert Downey Sr.'s movie. He I think I think he ran for president on a goof, not thinking he would get the nomination, and now he's nominated and he's in over his head.

Larry: He's got the tiger by the tail.

Eric: Got the tiger by the tail. What? I don't know what that means.

Larry: It means -

Eric: Yeah, he's swinging a tiger around.

Larry: Yeah. No, he's -

Eric: I think he has sex with the tiger. I would have sex with the tiger, gun to my head. I would have sex with the tiger.

Larry: And what if the tiger I got pregnant?

What would you expect to be the result?

Eric: I would raise that child as my own.

Larry: That's very noble of you. What do you think of Hillary Clinton?

Eric: I thought you were going to say Tiger Woods.
Larry: What do you think of Hillary Clinton?

Eric: I think that she... she has blood on her hands too, but out of the two of them -

Larry: Yes, Eric.

Eric: I think she has more on her resume than Mr. Trump. But all politicians are bad, right? They're all evil.

Larry: What did you think of Cleveland and the Republicans? What'd you make of the Republican convention?

Eric: It seemed tense. It's a very tense time.

Larry: Angry.

Eric: It seems, yeah, angry, intense and they didn't appreciate - I crashed an Alex Jonesrally and I don't know if you know Alex Jones. He's a right-wing conspiracy theorist. He thinks that the U.S. government put the bombs in the Twin Towers and there's... yeah. He's a he's a hot-blooded guy so I crashed a rally of his and I asked him to have sex with my wife and I gave him my hotel key and I asked him why does my peepee come out yellow and this was on stage during a huge rally. It was bikers for Trump and all these bikers all these Hells Angels guys wanted to kill me. It seemed very tense. And I was like guys I'm not even having a political discussion I'm asking why my pee pee comes out yellow like a three year old and they were still... they still wanted my blood.