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If You Only Knew: Constance Zimmer

Larry King NowAug 08 '16

Constance Zimmer, the Emmy-nominated star of Lifetime’s ‘UnREAL,’ plays Larry King’s signature trivia game “If You Only Knew.” Zimmer holds nothing back as she reveals she turned down a role on a now-famous TV drama, her dream collaborator, and why she loves watching ‘BoJack Horseman.’

King: We're going to play a game now of IfYou Only Knew,I just throw questions at you. It's not a courtroom, you do not have to answer.

Zimmer: Ok, good.

King: However,you will be judged accordingly. What's a dream collaborator for you? Who would you like to work with?

Zimmer: Oh, you know I would love to work with Wes Anderson.

King: Great director.

Zimmer: Yeah I'm just, everything he touches.

King: If you could be on a reality show what would it be?

Zimmer: I don't think i would ever be on a reality show.

King: Guilty pleasure.

Zimmer: Guilty pleasure... I like, and I don't know if it's guilty though, but I love watching animated shows over real shows, like I love watching "Bob's Burgers" and "Bojack Horseman."

King: Woah.

Zimmer: I mean, but I don't think that's guilty, they're like incredible shows, but

it's funny that I'm an actor and I prefer ...

King: "Spongebob."

Zimmer: To want to watch animated shows.

King: "Spongebob" is a great show. The theme song is the best theme song on television. I love "Spongebob."

Zimmer: My daughter hates "Spongebob," is that funny? Won't even, like the image shows up on screen and she's like change the channel mom. I can't watch it. I don't know.

King: My boys loved it growing up.

Zimmer: They did?

King: Something people get wrong about Hollywood?

Zimmer: That we are who we portray on television.

King: What do we get right about Hollywood?

Zimmer: How it's really hard to trust someone.

King: It's not the most truthful. Okay, role you're most proud of?

Zimmer: It's a toss up man, you know what,I'll just stay current and I'll say Quinn.

King: That's good.

Zimmer: I'll say Quinn.

King: Name a movie or TV show you wish you'd been in.

Zimmer: There's so many. I wish... wow.

King: is there a show you turned down you regretted.

Zimmer: "Homeland."

King: You turned down 'Homeland?"

Zimmer: Well I didn't even go in on the audition.

King: Because?

Zimmer: Because I said I don't want to be on a one hour drama.

King: Because?

Zimmer: And I'm on a one hour drama.

King: You're a little weird. Okay. What are you embarrassed to say makes you cry?

Zimmer: What am I embarrassed to say that would make me cry?

King: Or not embarrassed, what makes you cry?

Zimmer: I cry every time someone tells me that I was nominated for an Emmy.

King: What never ceases to make you laugh?

Zimmer: Apparently myself.

King: If you could trade places with someone for a day who would it be?

Zimmer: You, Larry.

King: Wise choice, way to get invited back. Secret talent?

Zimmer: Secret talent, well I was a gymnast. Maybe that's a secret talent.

King: How good were you?

Zimmer: I was training for the Olympics when I was a little girl.

King: You did all the things?

Zimmer: Everything, all of it. Uneven, parallel.

King: So you will watch the Olympics with interest?

Zimmer: Oh yes, absolutely.

King: What do you think something we should all be paying more attention to?

Zimmer: The earth and climate change.

King: Actually some people still don't believe it.

Zimmer: I know, that's why.

King: Alright give me something people don't know about you.

Zimmer: People don't know maybe, that I'm German.

King: I'm Jewish.

Zimmer: Uh oh, oh no.

King: Oh yes.

Zimmer: Now what, now what do we do?

King: I don't know what to do. Do you have relatives currently?