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Does Susan Sarandon lose roles because of her age?

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Shiri Appleby on her storied career in Hollywood

Larry King NowAug 08 '16

‘UnREAL’ star Shiri Appleby is refreshingly candid when discussing her storied career in Hollywood. From a young age, Shiri appeared in such TV staples as ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ and ‘Who’s the Boss?’ to being a lead in her own series in ‘Roswell,’ ‘Life Unexpected,’ and now, ‘UnREAL.’

Larry King: You're a child actor?

Shiri Appleby: Yes, I was a child actor.

Larry King: You started where and when?

Shiri Appleby: I started when I was about three and a half, I grew up in Calabasas and I started doing print ads, commercials, I think by the time I graduated high school I had done like 70 national commercials. I did Norman Lear's return to television after "All In The Family," a television show called "Sunday Dinner" with Teri Hatcher and Robert Loggia, I worked aton as a kid and then when I was going to college my parents, you know, told me, either go to USC, where I could continue acting, or go to Santa Barbara with my friends and give it up, and I hadn't worked in a while 'cause I was very focused on being in high school and so my mother gave me one month to get a job and I got a Taco Bell commercial and I decided to keep acting. And so I think my sophomore year I got a television pilot called "Roswell" and it got picked up and that's what the first time I really started to become like a name.