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‘UnREAL’ star Constance Zimmer reacts to Emmy nomination

Larry King NowAug 08 '16

Constance Zimmer is no stranger to showbiz. The actress has made an impression on screen since her start, and yet, she just received her first Emmy nomination for her critically-acclaimed turn on Lifetime’s hit drama, ‘UnREAL.’ In this clip, Zimmer offers the perfect reaction to her much-deserved award nom.

King: Congratulations on the Emmy. What took so long?

Zimmer: You know,I wish I knew the answer, but I think I've been around for a while which, I'm grateful for, but you know, I have never been a lead on a show.I've been recurring on so many shows where I pop in for eight episodes here or five episodes here.

King: So it would have to be supporting.

Zimmer: Yes, yes. Well because we're supporting each other on the show.

King: How did you find out that you were nominated?

Zimmer: You know, I was in France of all places at all and I found out on Twitter, because nobody could get in touch with me, I had no Wi-Fi, my cell signal wasn't working.

King: What were you doing in France?

Zimmer: I was on vacation with my family.

King: Were you thrilled?

Zimmer: I was, but you know I was more in shock I think, than I was thrilled, and it hasn't been until I've been back here, like in Los Angeles, and I've been hearing it said to me that it's actually sunk in, it's still bizarre.