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Why Constance Zimmer initially turned down ‘UnREAL’

Larry King NowAug 08 '16

Constance Zimmer reveals to Larry King that she initially turned down the role of Quinn King in ‘UnREAL.’ When she first was offered the role -- which has led her to her first Emmy nomination -- she didn’t even the part! But, when she finally picked up the script, it defied all her expectations.

King: Is it true, Constance, you turned this role down?

Zimmer: I did.

King: Why?

Zimmer: You know, at the time my daughter was five and they were going to shoot the show in Atlanta, and I didn't want to have to move to Atlanta and leave my daughter, it was for Lifetime,who also at the time, I did kind of what everybody else does and I had judged it by what it had already shown on its network and it wasn't really where I thought I fit in. I thought I was a little bit edgier and dirtier than what they normally do and so they shot the original, I didn't even read the script, so I have to say I kind of did one of those blindsided...

King: So why did you do it?

Zimmer: Because then I did read the script and then I saw Sarah Gertrude Shapiro's short film that was called Sequin Raze and it was amazing and I said to everybody at Lifetime, I mean if this is what you're going to make into a television show, that's whatI want to be a part of, because...

King: How would you describe your character?

Zimmer: Uh she is complicated and ethically questionable.

King: Do you like her?

Zimmer: You know, I do like her, I have to like her because otherwise she would be very one note and I think what's been the most fun about portraying her is that she's like six dimensional, and I've been never given that opportunity before, I've never seen kind of, the women on our show, I've never seen women written this way, they are flawed and dangerous, but yet they're so full of heart and it's been so fun to be able to get to show all of that, sometimes in one episode even and I give so much of the credit to the writers because they're really kind of crafting these women as we go.